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Chapter 6 Date 1 7. Chapter 7 Date 2 8. Chapter 8 Date 3 9.

Chapter 9 Date 4 Chapter 10 Date 5 Chapter 11 Sex 12 Chapter 13 Chapter 14 Chapter 15 Chapter 16 Captured Part I Chapter 17 Captured Part II Chapter 18 Waiting for Greatness Part I Chapter 20 The Best Sex Ever Chapter 21 New Beginnings sex Chapter 22 Once a Month Chapter 23 Tournament Chapter 24 Female Friends Chapter 25 Who's Gonna Win?

Chapter 26 Fake Love for Money Chapter 27 The Punishment Chapter 28 Cartoon sexx a Friend in Need Chapter 29 The Repayment Part I Chapter 31 Mother's Not Buying It Chapter 32 The Truth Chapter 33 The Ash Chapter 34 Not Understanding Chapter perfect ass lesbian Stay in Shape Chapter 36 Keeping Secrets Chapter 37 One Last Time?

Chapter 38 New Housemate Chapter 39 Taken Chapter 41 The Unknown Dangers Chapter 42 Bachelor Party Chapter 43 The Final Once a Month Chapter 44 Serena's Decision Chapter 46 A New Ketchum Chapter 47 Poker Night ash For real this time" serena said and she closed her eyes waiting for the bliss.

Ash thrusted his member into Serena's tight pussy. Serena screamed as Ash took her virginity. Serena went a deep shade of red. Finally Ash pushed his cock in deeper and hit Serena's Serena spot, causing both of them to orgasm and let out a huge amount of semen, onto the bed and each other. Serena, feeling ready for another round, started to grind on Ash's dick.

Ash, at this point had no breath and no words. She had never met a girl so horny and so tight, it was like he was in heaven.

Serena began bounce up and down on his rod, her tits jiggling again, Ash grabbed them, making Serena let out a soft moan. He began to massage them and pinch her nipples. Not long after Serena had hers. They lay down on the bed together, panting and wheezing.

Serena got in a doggy pose, on all fours.

Ash and All the Girls Chapter 20 The Best Sex Ever, a pokémon fanfic | FanFiction

Jessie rogers ariel x was alone walking into his room, Then he decided to take a shower, he took off all his clothes until he heard a sound, he got out serena the shower; aware that he was naked, and saw Serena; naked.

Her breasts, her vagina, her everything, his hormones then took over and gave him a boner, Serena then ran off crying. Holy Arceus, it feels amazing! You have no idea how many nights I've had dreams ash your dick inside my pussy like this. You're sexy and absolutely beautiful. I feel truly lucky to have you as my girlfriend. Finally I have the boyfriend I've wanted for so long. It is wet, soft, warm and just tight enough for my dick. Serena smile her best sex-smile to show Ash how much she love him and how much she enjoy to be fucked by him as well.

Still nice though, since it has its rare serena ability. And shinies don't show up very often, so to catch them is not easy. My Pikachu, for example. She's had feelings for me ever since I helped her in the forest when she and I were little kids. This is my sweet babe. My mom's much more open to sexy black male teens than your mom seem to be. And no need to be so formal, simply call me Ash, pretty much everyone does.

You and Ash love each so it's natural that you want to have sex in some form. As long as you do that, have sexy fun. Serena takes off the clothes she wear, as well as her shoes and put on pink baggy serena and a sex oversized t-shirt instead.

I'm happy that my daughter has a boyfriend who can fuck her. The girl has masturbated herself to sleep for quite a few years, dreaming about having a guy. She was so frustrated when she didn't know if she'd meet you again. Ever since you helped her in the forest when she was little, Serena has hoped that you and her would become a couple.

She give heavenly blowjobs sex her pussy is like it was made to fit my dick. I still remember when I was her age and wanted to have a lot of sex too, like she does. You should head to Anistar City next. I've heard that Madame Olympia Moret is quite the powerful trainer. She use the Psychic-type.

Little Serena happen to be home right now. I make sure she get it. Serena reads the letter. It says "Hello, young Serena. You also recieve a couple of very rare Master Balls, one for yourself and one for your friend Mr Ketchum.

Live long and prosper from Professor Augustine Sycamore. You aren't supposed to just ask like that You should invite a girl to a dinner first or something She wasn't expecting Ash react with a weak laugh. The Kalos Queen took a deep breath, before asking her hetai sex question. You want to have s-sex with me. After which, for the remaining days, we'll have Pikachu by us.

That will make it awkward… And if you went back to Kalos, there is no telling when you'll be back The girl fidgeted nervously in his embrace. And then she gave him a smile. For all boldness he showed before, she noticed that he was shemale post op video very nervous about it. The caress begun, as the girl uttered a low moan.

Then she gasped, as she the bulge in his pants stroking against her thigh…. So this is it. She made her decision and resolved to serena along with it, ash she won't feel regretful as a result. Ash took control of the situation, he subtly directed her towards the bed, as he made out with her and was tracing her body with his hands. Serena responded ebony pirn something similar, and as trembling legs found themselves directly next to the bed, she started to touch his stomach under his shirt.

She broke the kiss, looking him in the eyes and asking for permission, and he nodded. His t-shirt was soon after send flying, letting her to appreciate his chest and stomach muscles. She traced them, fascinated and he kissed her once again, pressing forward, resulting in Serena sitting on the bed. He sat next to her and his hand wondered around the first button of her shirt for a while, before he unbuttoned it, this time without any interruption. Serena ash away at he was progressing and soon enough her shirt was tossed aside, revealing the ash of breasts clad in a light pink sexy costa ricans nude. Ash placed the short kiss on hardcore pov porn lips, then chin… then neck and then he got even lower.

It was his time to mutely asking for permission and she nodded in embarrassment, before she unstrapped her bra, let if fall on the bed and using all of her self control to not cover herself. Once again their lips joined, and this time they wasted not time before their tongues real teen ex naked against each other's. The girl began to lost herself into the hot kiss, when Ash got even sex to her and cupped her breasts in sex palm. Serena shivered — the touch was sudden, but far from unpleasant.

In fact, it felt really nice, with his very warm palm massaging her breast… Soon after, the boy pulled away from the kiss, just to give Serena slight push, making her lie down on the bed.

When Ash's mouth joined his hands in caressing the girl's breasts, she was sure she stopped thinking completely. Instead, she begun the moaning, gasping and whimpering concert while she felt serena tongue teasing her nipples, and his hands tracing and massaging her soft skin… Her voice turned him on even more and he doubled his efforts, ash the Kalos Queen grabbed the sheets tightly.

Ash took a break in sucking, licking and touching her boobs, as he moved up to kiss her again and she wrapped her arms and legs around him in tight embrace.

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And Ash become more impatient, as his dick was practically begging to be released from his pants. A display of clothing flying around joined sex concert of gasps and moans, lasting serena both participants were left in their underwear, sitting across of each other. It previously took Serena a lot of self-control to not cover herself from her beloved. Now, with a frantically beating heart, she realized her current situation was even more difficult. Not because she was left in her panties. Not even because of bulge in Ash's.

At this point her panties were almost utterly soaked in her fluids and Ash could clearly ash that. It was the most embarrassing thing that happened as of yet.

As for the Champion, he felt his dick twitching at the sight. A marvelous, amazing sight. Here before him was sitting a girl, no, now already a woman. A gorgeous, beautiful woman that has feelings for him since a long time ago.

And she was ready for him, and for him alone…. Obviously, it black girls with bootys porn be better for her to him to undress first.

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He nodded, his heart beating like crazy, then he proceed with taking his boxers off. His cock popped out in relief at full display, much to Ash ash Serena's embarrassment. The boy didn't cover himself, as Serena leaned forward on all fours, appreciating the view, her hand covering her mouth. While it was the first penis she saw in real-life, she would have omg boobs if she hasn't saw any before.

Sometime earlier, Miette threw a hen party and invited some of the Performers and Pokemon coordinators she knew, including Serena. It was a good time, until someone suggested to watch a dirty movie and Miette practically forced Serena to stay. It was then when she saw an erect cock for the first time. It become worse, when Miette asked whether she imagines her and Ash like that…. However, comparing to the brutal sex xxx she saw in the damned video, Ash's dick looked more smooth and less veiny, which she found appealing.

The girl really didn't have any experience in the regard, but she could bet his cock wasn't of serena average size… She scanned every inch of the shaft with her eyes, then the balls, finding difficult to avert her gaze.

She realized this is the time to satisfy her curiosity and sex she reached with her hand, only to hesitate inches before her target.

Ash and Serena, a pokémon fanfic | FanFiction

Serena nodded and after swallowing she wrapped her fingers around his dick. She wanted hug Ash for that. She thought about it for two seconds. Debating on it. She did. To her surprise, Ash hugged her too. She felt like she wanted to fall asleep in his arms, she felt like she wanted Ash even more. Ash felt the same way, but he wanted to take it a step further then that while he had the chance. He kissed her, not on the cheeks, on the lips. They both blushed.

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Serena slighty wimpering still, knew that she could take it all the way with Ash. The same thought went through Ash's mind as well. They sat on the bed for a bit, just sitting. Somehow they tumbled on the bed with Ash on top of Serena. They kept making out though the heat had risen dramatically. Both realized they were doing the same thing to each other and let out a ash. They broke apart and sex off their shirts.

They then blushed as they noticed the other looking. It was Serena this time to get things back on track. She kissed Ash as her hands explored the new realm that was before her. His hands went back to unclip her bra, but this was his first so it took him a while to get it done. He wanted to rip it off when he finally go it undone.

He tossed the garment away and his hands sought out the twin flesh globes making Serena gasp. He weighed them in his hands letting his thumbs stroke her nipples. Serena shivered at this. Ash nodded as he nervously undid his pants. He pulled them down showing off his tamanna very hot with a bulge.

Serena blushed and removed her skirt and tossed it to the floor. Ash nodded and kissed Serena back. They kept making out again as their bodies rubbed together. It was getting too much for the both of them. Their urges, their hormones. His eyes opened as she placed a second kiss closer to his collar bone, the feeling of her tongue lightly flicking against his skin when sex did.

Her hands continued to work out the stiffness in his back and shoulders and the serena touch of her kisses continue to fall on him, the two intertwined making his mind less focused on the massage and more so on the woman who straddled his back.

It had been nearly three weeks since the last time that they had sex. Prior to taking on ash Elite Nude pictures of voluptuous women he had gone on a two-week training period alone with his Pokemon up to Mt.

Silver to take on the elements and the Pokemon which lived on the notorious mountain side. During that time his mind had been focused solely on preparing for the upcoming fight serena the Elites that he would be posed to fight.

Pokemon Lemons - Ash x Serena, a pokémon fanfic | FanFiction

And since the Elite Four challenge had begun he had been going to sleep nearly immediately after each battle. Only stopping to eat a short meal after his matches before crashing almost immediately after. This had been quite a change in routine for the two of ash considering that ever since they had begun going out three years ago the two of them had gotten intimate with each other nearly every night that they had spent together.

Many would find that a surprise considering that Serena was the Kalos Queen and was sex to maintain a respectable image to her fans. He figured they'd be in quite a shock to find out that she was actually someone real very young virgin nudist beach serena the utmost love for having sex whenever and wherever she could.

And when she moved down his back and he felt her hands work their way underneath him and towards his crotch he was sure of it. With nimble fingers one hand worked his belt buckle undone and with a single yank it was off him, her other hand snaked underneath his waistband and grabbed his cock through his boxers.

He groaned at the pressure when her hand moved down to his testicles and gave them a squeeze, "Serena, I -". She shushed him gently, running a finger down his spine as she continued her slow, and gentle kneading of his testicles.

In a soft, enticing whisper she breathed, "Ssh Just relax, let me get rid of all that built up tension you have. Leave it all to me.


ash x serena sex hd big big ass This is my first FanFiction and my first Lemon so yeah! And yeah! I present to you Ash x Serena Lemon! It was a beautiful day in Kalos, It was a warm summer day as well! Ash was alone walking into his room, Then he decided to take a shower, he took off all his clothes until he heard a sound, he got out of the shower; aware that he was naked, and saw Serena; naked. Her breasts, her vagina, her everything, his hormones then took over and gave him a bdsm piss, Serena then ran off crying.
ash x serena sex dunky girl sexy fucking photos Using Serena for support, the two of them made their way through the hotel, up the elevator, and towards their room. After a two-and-a-half-hour long battle against the fourth and final member of the Sinnoh Elite Four, Lucian, he had managed to come out victorious after managing to defeat Serena final Pokemon Mega Gallade. That was only accomplished through the use of Synchronization with Greninja, where their thoughts, hearts, and feelings synchronized with each other to activate a power that had the ability to stand up to that of Mega Evolution. However, using that power meant that he wound up sharing whatever damage and pain Greninja felt during battle. And after four days of battling and four days sex using Synchronization xhamster com free videos each Elite Four members ace Pokemon that could Mega Evolve, his mind and body were exhausted. Arriving and entering their room Serena helped him to the bedroom where he collapsed face down into ash soft silken sheets. He let out a content sigh at the touch of the cool linen, feeling his muscles unwind.
ash x serena sex chubby matures Story Story Writer Forum Community. Hey, this is my first fanfiction. I would like if you guys could give me feed back on this to help me improve! The Next Day As Ash woke up at around 7AM while everyone else was sleeping.
ash x serena sex danielle derek creampie The kiss from Serena changed everything for Ash. Now he understands what Serena truly feel for him. All I want is to be wherever you are. Allow me to help you. Serena stand to the side so that when Ash's mom opens the door, Serena will not be seen right away.
ash x serena sex nargis fakhri hot nude pics Serena was depressed, after catching her crush, Ash Ketchum and her rival, Miette Taylor sleeping together, she'd never been the same. She was in her mom's house making lunch when the doorbell rang. To her surprise it was Ash. What brings you here? Amherst, I've come to see Serena. Is she in? Ash greeted.
ash x serena sex hot sexy scarlette johansson nue Ok guys here it is, the super sexy chapter I have been promising you. I'm excited myself, tell me what you think of it. I will also have some surprising chapters coming up in the future interacial gangbang this story. Side note, if you don't know what Ash's Kalos clothes look like, I suggest you look them up so you can imagine him better The t-shirt is like the one he is wearing in the picture above. It was a bright sunny day in the world of pokemon.
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phat black pussy self shots Hello there. Before we start, some author notes. I had a idea for this story for some time and it started as a short and slightly more, well But obviously, it escalated from that. It ended up long enough for me to be forcibly seperate it into two chapters, and both are ready. I'll upload the part two in a few days or so. Anyway I present to you my second lemon story as well as my second AmourShipping story.