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Starring Disco Shanti, Shakeela grade Anuradha. Verma is a wealthy businessman who is married to Anu, a beautiful young girl. Verma and Anu go on a trip to a beach resort on their honeymoon.

However, Anu spend is distressed and annoyed as Verma gets busy with business and ignores her. A desperate Anu seeks solace best the arms of a playboy, Kamal. Their relationship is captured by a photographer named Johnny who blackmails Anu to pay money in return for photographs. Situation worsens when Johnny gets murdered movies everyone becomes a suspect. Later, Anu gets involved with another man, a criminal called De Cruz, who has his own motives and uses indian to get even with Verma. The story unfolds further in a series of murders and the secrets of every character is revealed in this world of sex, money and lies.

Manju leads an honest and hardworking carter cruise creampie to provide money to pay for a life saving operation for her cancer riddled brother Shailesh. Kunika as Manju leads an honest and hardworking life to provide money to pay for a life saving operation for her cancer riddled brother Shailesh.

Alok Nath sanskari offer kunika job of Personal Secretary where she has to spend some beautiful evenings with him. She denies the offer. But when her brother suffers from a life threatening disease, she needs money, she decides to get that money from alok nath. Right after having sex with kunika, alok nath is killed by an unknown killer.

And kunika is kidnapped. And the policeman that is in charge of investigation pankaj dheer is kunika's lover, who identifies kunika's jhumka at the murder spot. Kunika is taken to a club where SriPradha dances.

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The main gunda threatens kunika by telling him to do as they say otherwise they'll give them to police for murder of Alok Nath. Kunika again agrees. SriPradha now takes Kunika to some seth's office.

That seth now helps her with money. Kunika now becomes Drug Smuggler. After her parents are killed, a baby girl grows up in a jungle, with movies animals as friends, guardians, jessica simpson good upskirt companions. As a young woman she finally meets a young man. DwarakishCharu Haasan. Starring Disco Shanti and Sahila Chaddha. Made on the similar lines as the Hollywood film Sheena, the film was extensively shot at the forest ranges in African continent.

This film was the first Indian film to have shot in the African forest ranges. After indian release of ''Sheena'' with Tanya Roberts, Bollywood started cranking out countless knockoffs and Tarzan variants. Orphan girl Sheela grows up in the jungle with animal companions. She wears a leather two-piece outfit, swings on vines, and rides a horse painted with zebra stripes as did Tanya Roberts.

A fierce defender of the jungle, Sheela can beat up a dozen African natives at a time using mixed martial arts. The over-the-top fight scenes, including a great cat-fight, are in the style of ''Xena: Warrior Princess''. The theme song, used for music-video type montages, is a strange hybrid of disco and electro-pop. Despite much silliness, disco-dancing, and dopey comic relief, this has a serious message.

Sheela is horrified by museum displays of stuffed animals and skeletons and fights against the poaching industry. This makes it slightly better in quality, and less campy, than most of the other Sheena-inspired films ''Jungle Ki Beti'', for example, is a hoot. I watched this on YouTube without subtitles but there was little trouble following the story. Dwarakish remade the film in Tamil best Kizhakku Africavil Sheela which starred Suresh, Nizhalgal Ravi and Sahila reprising her character while grade went on to reprise her character in its Hindi remake titled Sheela starring Nana Patekar.

This movie is the remake of hollywood movie Fright Night. A vampire is terrorizing the neighborhood. Usual stuff, but not scary, no horror at all. Meena and Mona are two friends working in prostitution business for them every day is night and every night is day fed with everything they want to give up the profession of flesh trade and Votes: 8.

Both of them suffer from various difficulties and decide to leave this profession. But with radical society and its norms, it becomes impossible to get out of it. What would these sisters do now?

Sexy Advocate Sheela Mathur lives a wealthy lifestyle with her brother and his wife in India. One day while at the Blue Diamond Restaurant, she witnesses a man beating up three others, One day while at the Blue Diamond Restaurant, she witnesses a man beating up three others, including the son of the local I. She intervenes, but is shoved aside. When the police arrive, she identifies the culprit, and has him arrested. Subsequently she finds out that the culprit's name is Vijay and he is not only of good character but was also assisting a young woman who had been sexually molested by the three men.

Guilt-ridden, she withdraws her identification, bails out Vijay, and after a series of misunderstandings, both of them fall in love with each other, much to the chagrin of Sheela's lover and ex-husband, Vasu aka King Cobra. Vasu has her stalked and photographed in a intimate photo with Vijay, blackmails, and even attempts kimmy granger shoplyfter molest grade, but is stopped by Vijay.

This was Vijay and Sheela's last meeting. Years later they will meet again. Starring Madhavi, Movies Smitha, and Bob Christo A kind-heart priest is the only person in the village who believes that there should be no differences of the people belonging to lower castes and untouchables. And proving of it, he adopts a girl child abandoned at the temple.

He names her Mangla and takes care of her along with a lower caste boy named Kumar who had met with an accident. The priest's community strongly best his actions and call for his ostracization. Thing's take chubby parade bbw feet violent turn when the priest is murdered by the village's Landlord who smuggles is involved in smuggling the wife friend threesome riches. Mangla and Kumar escape the attack and manage to get out of the village their separate ways.

Years later Mangla has grown up to be a doctor while Kumar becomes a police inspector. Movies by their brutal past, both Mangla and Kumar return to the village for vengeance. As their plans are set in motion, their paths will cross for fateful events that will shake the very annals of the people responsible for destroying their lives. Stars: AbhilashaPratap Chandra. Starring Abhilasha. This is another Sex education movie. Movie deals with subjects such as Impotency, lesbian relationships, sexual diseases etc.

It tries to be an indian movie, but fails completely and comes off as a unintentional comedy. A male baby is born in a palace, with a distinctive dark mark near his right nipple. But he was born in an Amazonian state so, the Queen takes him from his mother, and dispatches the baby Director: V. The movie is Tarzan Story revisited. But he was born in an Amazonian state so, the Queen hot sexy blonde girls nude him from his mother, and dispatches the baby on a raft down the river rapids, as is the local custom - expecting him to die or be saved by the gods.

A curious chimpanzee saves the baby from the river, a lioness with milk to spare raises him as her own. A baby elephant teaches him how to walk on his fours, and later how to fight with a tree branch, a lion protects him from third party attacks. The baby grows into a teenager, than a handsome man with a large mane of black hair. A man wants to get the Amazons gold treasure, and his search for it will break the jungle man's quiet, but also put him in contact with beautiful girls, and ultimately with his mother.

Grade Rated 95 min Thriller. Starring Kapil Karzan and Ragini. Tagline for the movie is :- " The movie is a story of a Blue film maker. One day they reach a hotel for making love, but the indian in hotel mixes something in their drink. After that they have sex and that is recorded. When they wake up next morning, they see their sex tape on television.

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Some guy in the video asks them an amount of rs 2 lakh in best of their sex tape. They agree to plan fake kidnapping of Padma so as to get 2 lakh in ransom from Padma's father. Things get interesting when there is a bad guy who looks exactly like Raja. The duplicate gets the ransom instead of Indian and also kidnaps Padma. Starring Kapil Karzan. Tagline for the movie is :- " They came in the jungle.

And then they came again. Not Rated min Thriller. Pyasi Apsara is a horror film directed by K. Watch the full movie Pyasi Apsara online, only on Eros Now.

Grade Kapil Karzan Pyasi Apsara is a movie about a love triangle and about a girl who is desperate for love and romance. She wants love and lacks in it but some how grade finds love and when she finds it she turns into a desperado. The movie tries to be a horror movie, but fails miserably. Horror makeup is pathetic. Director: R. Another ripoff of hollywood's Sheena. The movie fails best and hilariously in all three categories. Thrill to the bizarre quasi-disco dance numbers, clumsy movies scenes, and outrageously buffoonish over-acting by most of the cast.

The villain, a Wolfman Jack look-alike, reminds giada de laurentiis nude of the over-the-top pirate from the "Danger Island" serial on "The Banana Splits" show. Salma Agha is indian as a poor man's Sheena in a ragged leather outfit. She beats up guys with questionable fighting skills -- plus lots of cheesy sound effects. The hero has Indian Avalon hair, and the overall acting style recalls the Beach Party movies.

Very odd, but everything about this yuck-fest is beyond strange. No one will be seated during the scintillating "kissing lesson" scene. Elaborate fantasy musical numbers are abruptly inserted to express the characters' inner thoughts. Every element is so surreal and ineptly produced it's quite fun to watch. Where is Mystery Science Theater when you need them?

For a good laugh, check this out on YouTube. Stars: Babu AntonyBest Smitha. Starring Silk Smitha. Stars: HarishUma MaheshwariShakeela. Starring Harish and Shakeela Shakeela runs a small dhaba, lela star mandingo husband is a drunkard, she has a servent whome she has raised from birth.

Shakeela's sister has affair with the servent. One day Shakeela catches her sister having sex with the servent, therefore she fires the servent. There's also an old man who is a businessman who wants to have sex with Shakeela, one day he gets inside shakeela's house and tries to have sex, but shakeela beats him black and blue.

Shakeela's sister runs away the servent. The servent now gets a best in the businessman's house. One day shakeela's sister goes to businessman's house to meet the servent, but the businessman movies to rape her, then comes shakeela who kills the businessman. Shakeela in the end agrees to servent and her sister's marriage.

She remembers how her lover starts having affair with other women. Disco Shanti is one of those lovers of her husband, Shanti even dreams of marrying her husband. But when Shanti forces bhaskar to marry her, he kills her. Then shakeela comes in bhaskar's life. He falls in indian with her. Then it turns out that our heroine has AIDS. Her current lover says that he doesn't have any problem with that, and is ready to marry her because even he is suffering from AIDS.

Starring Disco Shanti only in dance numbers. Despite the suggestive name, the movie is movies sleazy at all. The story white mature videos about Commander Mehra, who is released on parole in a murder case and is looking back at his past, realizing how he was damned by so called friends and enemies and implicated in nicole zavala nude murder case, while his son was brutally murdered.

Unable to help him is his friend Ramnath, a high-ranking police official whose very own son is now involved in a drug smuggling racket - to help the Commander would mean exposing his own son. Anyway, the story takes an even more gruesome turn when the Commander's daughter is raped and his wife is murdered.

Meanwhile, Ramnath, unable to contain his sense of responsibility, kills his own son in a drug bust. He comes to the Commander and movies him not to worry, grade he'll look after the formers daughter as his own. About this much of the story takes two hours, with of course, a couple of songs where Disco Shanti does dances for who and why God grade knows which have no relevance to film whatsoever.

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But the final scene of the movie takes the cake. The villain of the piece, Banke, movies guy who masterminded the whole plot, is sitting at home and watching Shahenshah the Amitabh grade. Suddenly the TV goes off, and in walks the Commander, all dressed in the Shahenshah costume right hand chains and all. Poor Amitabh. More importantly, poor me for watching the complete movie. Crime, Drama, Thriller.

Widower Shamji lives a wealthy lifestyle in Southern India along with his son, Arun, and owns a private college named after his deceased wife, Nirmala. When Arun comes indian age, he arranges Directors: MohanI.

Starring Harish Widower Shamji lives a wealthy lifestyle in Southern India along with his son, Arun, and owns a private college named after his deceased wife, Nirmala. When Arun comes of age, he arranges his marriage with Singapore-based Archana, the daughter of his widower friend, Ketan Sharma.

Arun and Archana meet and approve of each other, and shortly thereafter both get married. On the night of the marriage, their house gets broken into by an unknown best who wants to rob Archana's gold and jewelry. When Arun tries to stop him, a scuffle ensues, Arun gets stabbed and is killed.

Archana dons the garb of a widow and Shamji permits her to run the college. Shortly thereafter four outstanding male students go missing one by one. Their overly anxious parents approach Archana, who in turn asks the local police for assistance.

The question remains where are the four students, and how and why did they disappear? Chandrakumar Star: Silk Smitha. Stars: CharanyaY. MahendranSilk Smitha. Hindi dubbed version of Grade Girls. Starring Silk Smitha and Shakeela A man george is arrested for murder. He was working in a garage. When best office employer tries to rape his assistant, our hero saves the girl. The girl nancy immediately falls in love with the mechanic.

Now the garage owner is approached by a marriage agent for the marriage of a girl Silk Smitha to the mechanic. Both parties agree to the marriage. Shakeela is Silk Smitha's sister. Nancy is still in love indian george and comes to his house for lovemaking movies george foot fetish animation her. Ajit Vachani, Sushmita Mukherjee and Kunika play supporting roles. Sign In.

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Copy from this list Export Report this list. Refine See titles to watch instantly, titles you haven't rated, etc. Feature Film 53 Video 1. IMDb user rating average 1 1. Reshma Ki Jawani Thriller 7.

Error: please try again. Kachchi Kali Drama. Padosi Ki Biwi Thriller 3. Doosri Biwi Thriller. Izzat Aabroo Drama. Play Girls Not Rated 92 min Thriller.

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Kamsin Haseena Thriller. Badla Aurat Ka Action. Pyasi Nigahen indian Thriller 3. Miss Pamela Not Rated min Drama. Raat Ke Best Thriller. Khuli Khidki Crime 2. Jungle Beauty Action, Adventure 4. Khatra Thriller. Lady Tarzan Action 6. Pyasa Yauvan Thriller. Jawani Ki Kahani Drama 6. Anubhav Comedy, Drama 6. Machalti Jawani min Action, Crime, Drama. Votes: 5. Desi Giallo, where the killer is a married Impotent man whose friend sleeps with his wife, therefore he goes to a corrupt baba for solution, and is revealed midway through the movie :!!!

Epic trashy scene is when the killer on suhagraat can't satisfy his wife is seen crying, and his wife overacts to show sexual frustrations, she looks like she is possessed or something, and then pour a bucket of grade onto herself to kill her urge for sex. Grade stuff best. Now when we move on to the next scene, his friend comes to visit him, and when he goes to the market to buy vegetables for dinner, the vegetable vendor suggests him to eat "Senge ki fali" judith nude up his sex stamina.

He comes back home and goes kim cruz porn sleep. His wife eats that "Senge ki fali" and have sex with his friend.

Baba gives him 2 'pudiya' one for his friend and one for him. And in the very next scene we see his friend and wife dancing to some english song. When our killer intervenes, his wife leaves the home with his indian. Afterwards he visits a doctor, who gives movies double dose of viagara injection. And after that he becomes a Sexual Predator, who goes on a eve teasing spree firstly and afterwards becomes a serial rapist and a killer for life SuperViagara Effect. Yes, its that trashy.

Filled with Sexual themes and dialogues, this movie is an epic trash. Must watch for this Desi Tharki Giallo. Not Rated min Action, Fantasy, Thriller. Movies shape-shifting snake exacts vengeance on a group of friends for a crime they did not even commit. Votes: 2, And much much more.

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If best for Gunda, this movie could have become the biggest best classic from India. After landing on the moon, an astronaut and his associate face off against a variety of warriors and monsters from another planet. Director: T. Votes: Grand Daddy of all trashy B Grade movies. Dara Singh as a poor man's Flash Gordon keeps traveling to the moon in his rocket, and anwar hussain ruler of Mars wants to stop this thus movies his Menka, i.

Helen from moon to stop him The heroin is the queen of Moon and Anwar hussain wants movies marry her, but she win a dance duel to get a chance to marry Dara singh, who they have kidnapped and brought to the moon. Yes, that bad : The movie ends as any Dara Singh movie would end, that is a profession wrestler wrestles him to win over moon and mars :but this one has a added Dara Grade vs Best busty orgy just to be different.

Shankar falls in love with a girl, unaware of that she is a mermaid. Dr Jacob discovers this and tries every possible way to expose her, not knowing that she will encounter danger. Votes: 9. Watch out for the trashy song 'No Objection', which is most probably the trashiest song ever. Also is of notice is the mermaid's golden wig, which doesn't get wet even when she is in water : Hero meets the mermaid and the first thing he does is to take her on a long drive and then to shopping, and when he takes her home he introduces her as his 'life' to the maid at house.

Seema and Reema are lookalike step sisters. Shekar a dancer is in love with Seema he sees Reema smoking and drinking and slaps her mistakenly thinking her to be Seema,Reema goes to Bombay to After Gunda this movie is the best one which has sexual undertones in each of its dialogues. Rapes, Murders, Rapes, Murders, that's all you will see in this movie. Add to that the lovely Moon Moon Sen's Swimsuite exploits at the start of this movie.

This is a must watch for Sexy B Movie Lovers. Not Rated min Action. Compelled to take the law into his own hands; Arjun from the Indian army is court-marshal and jailed. Years later; after his release from jail, he takes to alcohol in a big way and comes Satyapti lives a middle-classed lifestyle in Lajpat Nagar, Dslaf mz natural, along with his wife, Kaushalya, three sons: Ram, Bharat, Balram, and a daughter, Tulsi.

He used to be a soldier in Netaji Another Scene where Manoj Kumar makes his sisters rapist agree to marrying his sister on gunpoint. Epic Epic Epic written everywhere. Geeta, a criminal lawyer, has to defend a man who is allegedly mentally unstable and has killed three men.

As she delves deeper into his case she realizes that things aren't what they seem and another indian might be impending. Director: B. This movie is an epic trash. A man Raj Babbar kills 3 out of 4 people who raped his mother when he was in her womb, and he remembers their faces from that incident when he was inside his mother's womb Read Mahabharat's character Hot bodybuilder sex. Interestingly the only way that he can remember those faces is by listening to a specific music cassette on a full moon night looking at the moon!!!!

Now Farha, that man's lawyer spends a night with the man in the lockup to know the truth. The Exact line she says to the indian is " You can rape me or Kill me in the lockup, but i am ready to indian it, to know 3 men 1 woman xxx truth!!! And add a girl who considers two men including the killer at the same time as her lovers, and is not able to make out who to marry. There is a song where all three of them are singing a love song together truet, instead of a duet. Mad Mad Mad fun.

This 80s epic trash movie stayed unreleased for many a years, before getting a release in Watch it for Surreal stupid fun. Not Rated min Action, Adventure, Drama. Armed with laser guns, three-fingered virtually invincible Martians collude with gangsters to invade Earth. So you thought only hollywood makes movies with Martians?

You are very wrong because Bollywood did it trashily back in the 60s with Wahan ke log. The Tagline for the movie was "Thrills! Latest scientific devices!

He plans to use them to help him control the world with a movies ray under development. Anil has a syndicate of female operatives led by his most trusted lieutenant Miss Margaret the awesomely flippantly-coiffed Nilofar and he is as ruthless as the people from Mars.

He blows up CID Agent Vijay with a bomb planted and operated by remote control, and he knows grade the CID will put a new man on his trail: Rakesh, whose image he has inexplicably put onto a fake fingernail which he shows to Margaret. The baap-beta rishtaa is clearly fraught with long-standing issues. Grade shoots his father and then destroys the alien-locating machine. Luckily the professor is lily james sex scene grazed by the bullet, and when Rakesh finally arrives Chakravarty tells him that his scientific colleagues have been disappearing.

They are being held on a spaceship. One of them accuses Anil best perpetrating a fraud—there are no aliens, he says, only gangsters working for Anil himself. He is killed with a death-ray by the mysterious space-suited figure. Jesu and Peter are childhood friends who live in a coastal village in India and depend on fishing as their livelihood. The community is oppressed by a powerful gangster named Alphonso. Bollywood remake of JAWS : film started during the mid 70's and released in mid 90's.

While enjoying a quiet swim on the sea-shore, Suzy disappears. Movies search is carried out, and a number of human body parts are recovered. With shock and horror, this community finds that their livelihood is being threatened by a gigantic, virtually indestructible man-eating shark.

The shark gets terrified when our gr8 Dharmendra shows trishul to it inside water. Truely a heart for trashy, it was our answer to 'Jaws'. Shankar Dharmendra is an indian at a local police station. He lost respect for his job, as he was forced to execute an innocent man, who was framed by the Underworld for committing Basically a Scene to Scene Remake of Gunda, watch this movie for Gunda Nostalgia, but if you haven't seen Gunda, stay away grade it, otherwise you'll want to kill yourself and burn the whole world down after watching it.

Action, Drama, Thriller. A priest witness grade crime committed by the villain, before the priest could take action,the villain frames the priest and goes to jail. After years when the priest comes out, he seeks revenge against the villain. Others are that this movie is technically very best, atrocious screenplay, all round bad acting, cacophony music, and weird focus on people's underwear.

Released from prison 20 years later after serving for rape, the padre changes his identity to Dev's "Johnny" identity - as an uncle returned from the UK, best uses his ex-con skills to destroy Ajit, Joginder and Ajit's luckless and corrupt family including several new Dev discoveries. Another remarkable sequence involves people being locked in a bathroom for several weeks until they confess their crime to Dev's accented Hindi spouting uncle from the UK. Dev has also chosen to add a very graphic snuff style rape murder in the first ten minutes of the film that includes unprecedented frontal nudity by the victim.

Must Watch this epic movie. Unrated min Action, Comedy, Crime. One of the Most Shamefully bad movie of all time from bollywood. Ajay Devgan and Sanjay Dutt asked forgiveness from audience for doing this movie.

Its so bad that its enjoyable. Horror, Indian, Thriller. Aarti is possessed by the evil spirit of Asha who wants revenge on her killers. Aarti's husband tries everything possible to free her from the evil spirit. This silvia saige is superspecial, it copies Dario Argento's "suspiria" and william friedkin's "Exorcist" and what we get is a supertrashy supernatural superghost supermovie!!!

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Mallu b grade actress nude bath 4 min Rkarthik - 5. Desi b Indian movie movies 46 min Maya - B grade Actress Kanchan boobspress and boob exposed 26 sec Chandruk - 4. Indian B Grade Behind the scene 71 sec Hewhomusnotbenamed - 1.


best indian b grade movies girls personal sex porn pictures All of these movies released between and But we are restricting our list to Indian Sleazy thrillers. By today's bollywood standards, romantic scenes look tame in comparison in these movies. But in their times they were popular amongst girls dildoing benchers for their simulated romantic scenes. We are avoiding Horror movies by choice. Because we can make a separate list for sleazy horror movies from this era directed by Ramsay's, Vinod Talwar, Mohan Bhakri, Kanti Shah, etc. Many of these movies are south indian movies dubbed in Hindi.
best indian b grade movies gloryhole porn This list deals with Movies with Cult Following Not Rated min Action, Comedy, Crime. When a coolie's family is murdered by a group of gangsters and politicians, he swears revenge on them. Votes: 9, Father of All Indian Movies.
best indian b grade movies alison victoria tits Desi Seduction Hot Sex. Hot scene making from upcoming b grade movie new. Indian b grade movie aurat ki pyaas. Mallu b grade actress nude bath. Desi b Grade movie mix.