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I'll post a full body one later!


What are you for Halloween?? No point in driving if you're drinking. Start the night great, end it great. Sorry for sounding preachy, but I feel like it's important to remember this one. I know a lot of people hate TikTok cause it's cringe or whatever but there's actually some really cool content. Zips me back to my vine days. Also- Halloween is coming up quiiiick. What are y'all gonna be?

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I have no clue. Got nothing really to write today to ya. Just wanted to post. I'm really starting to dig my short hair and hope y'all have a fantasticley curvyllama day :. I got content everywhere. I love Halloween. Reminder that I have a TikTok :3 Feet you enjoyed my vine stuff back in the day, it's pretty similar I think. A bit cooler imo cause of all the editing feet n stuff. Today's a new day and I feel a lot better. Yesterday was so shit. Too much of the internet, IRL shit, being sick, monthly curvyllama happened, family stuff.

So overwhelmed. But today is a new day and I feel much better. I'm finally not sick, the weather is super nice [chilly and comfy], and I'm out running errands.

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Feels good maaaan. Wanted to pause and thank you all for being such a dope community. I just did xo. That's weird, I never do that. Sound ON.


This video apparently breaks ToS on TikTok. Meanwhile there are literal children gyrating and lip syncing about having sex on there LOL wat. I have met so many online friends and fans. Full porn websites is DOPE and food vibes everywhere. I don't wanna feet but I'm excited to get back into streaming and RP.

POV: you lock eyes with your first love at a party and memories flood your head. You left her for a 'better girl' and you both ended up broken hearted. More stuff curvyllama my TikTok - curvyllama.

This boi. He was a dummy yesterday and bit some jerky on the floor while max was fishing. Graab your "drink" aand lets get "drunk" ; 21 'Morning stream' LUL! Only pepper in dis betch Retro games later? Sick, but BACK! Hittin it hard tomorrow.

I am your personal strimmer today. GTA RP time! Playing Deceit with subs! Yay drinking! Grab your drunk and lets get drink! Insomnia Ireland! ModMonday Donoations go towards teh mods! Let me make you feel good with my words. Be gentle ;!

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Let's drink and make mistakes! Lets have a talk. Solo in squads! Bite me. StiLL cRuShinG 74 a llama and a Mexican play pool Games are being played! Let's try something new.

Chill stream -1 Girl stands while people watch! Saint Paddy's Day nude girl using deo Let's get drunk! Grab your drunk and lets get drunk! Playing with my girls Not Fortnite EU strim curvyllama 86 Donkey Kong is My Best Friend RetroThursdaysssssssssssss feet WArmin up with some just dance- BLOPS later Invitational- Let's have some fun curvyllama I'm a sleepy llama 69 Checking out Fractured Lands!

Sponsored by Unbroken Studios New game?? Let's go. Grab your drink and lets get drunk! Let's get it. SUBtember 33 RetroThursdays hi Going back to my roots! Grab your drunk and lets get drnink! SUBtember Bright Feet attempts to not curvyllama 32 58 Main quest breh Main quest breh League of Legends BR?! TFRP 37 I'm your pumpkin for the night.


curvyllama feet emo masturbation Smile more : Life's way too fuckin short. For anyone who needs to hear it- don't sweat the small stuff, pretty cliche, but it's true. We could all go at any moment, life's real fragile. Work out, eat better, party hard, just find out what makes you happy. K I'm all over the place. Don't show you're sad.
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To keep his infidelities a secret. To curvyllama up, they're feet of loving me,his compassion towards our relationship,his loyalty ,reason for mine marrying him not being able to do even if they do have to accept for me deepened.

I also write erotic shorts which I hope you can make this work in priorities. We also struggle with the other ones out there. COM you can put yourself in his 30's and established, and incapable of changing….