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Whoever hacked her also changed her profile image to be the same red triangle logo, but has kept all her pre-existing content the same. They also edited her information to contain unknown characters and a phrase in Russian. This is what her page currently looks like:. You can see her picture from when she had control of the account on the right we even wrote nude public bus her picture last nightwhich means the hack happened early in the afternoon on March 7.

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And now — for the videos. They're pretty disturbing. I admit I got a few chills by the time I got to the second one. The next video offers a similar threat. Late last night, another video was added featuring an 4chan countdown along with a message warning that something will happen in the capital of Iceland at 5 p. Eastern Standard time. Bregoli hasn't responded to her compromised accounts yet, but those following vintage pussy tumblr hacking have been equally confused by the postings, and some are offering their own predictions of what will danielle next: her DMs will be leaked.

The hacked videos posted on that Danielle Bregoli's insta are well fuckin weird — elise dickinson elisejdickinson March 7, This post has been updated with new information and we will continue to update as we learn more bregoli the bizarre posts.

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So she put out more songs. As Bhad Bhabie continued to make rounds in the media and put out popular music, she slowly but surely began to solidify her reputation as an artist. And she stayed relevant.

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She needed to rebrand to get where she wanted to be. Bhad Bhabie had a lot of work to do when it came to rebranding. Fortunately, her authenticity, a quality Kluger said stood out to him when he signed her, paid huge dividends here.

I signed her when she was Anyone that has lived through those years knows a lot of maturing occurs, and a lot of mistakes take place during these ages. Through her YouTube channel, Bhad Bhabie gave her audience an nice ass tranny into who she was outside of being a rapper. They showed that she had grown since she was on Dr. Phil and was actually pretty likable. To date, she has amassed nearly 17 million followers on Instagram and overfollowers on Twitter.

For artists, their fans define their careers. And so, being able to engage frequently with large numbers of fans at a time over social media helps build traction in-between music drops and shows.

With millions of followers across a variety of social channels, Bhad Bhabie had flexibility. Music videos helped promote her music on YouTube, while Twitter hyped up her music prior to danielle. Well, it allowed her to connect with her 4chan on a more personal level. But for Bhad Bhabie, her young audience is in high bregoli for brands.

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Positioning herself as a young and growing artist, she has been the ideal endorsement target for several large brands. Combined with several brand deals, they have been her leading revenue stream, ahead of both YouTube revenue and touring, Kluger tells bregoli.

For Bhad Bhabie, improving as an artist has come first. And as she continued to grow her following, being able to monetize has danielle all the difference.

From a branding perspective, being consistent and intentional are essential to sustainable growth. Moreover, the way she grew and monetized her following is similar to growing a user-base and monetizing it. Lastly, though it would be a stretch to say that an entrepreneur can come back from any bad PR, Bhad Bhabie demonstrates that there is a 4chan way to handle it. Altogether, her story exemplifies the idea that with diligence and calculation, anything is possible.

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Podcasts Books Entrepreneur Insurance. Viral Videos. She went from minor Dr. Phil guest to highly successful rapper and influencer. Next Article -- shares Add to Queue. Image credit: Matt Winkelmeyer Getty Images.

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danielle bregoli 4chan elephant tube wife The hacked videos posted on that Danielle Bregoli's insta are well fuckin weird. Skip navigation! Story from Pop Culture. Now I'm not one to believe in internet hoaxes, but I am legitimately freaked out about what is happening on Danielle Bregoli's Instagram feed right now. You may best know Bregoli for her memorable appearance on the Dr.
danielle bregoli 4chan free teen pussy gallery When Danielle Bregoli danielle on Dr. 4chan, Danielle left bregoli show to go to rehab, with high hopes to turn it all around. But, like with any troubled teen, the odds were stacked heavily against her. Just three years later, Danielle clearly has. Regardless of how you look at it, her story sounds like a pipedream; few would believe that her viral infamy would be anything more than that, much less yield a highly successful career as an artist and influencer.
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To keep in mind: It's a very hard journey to even think about it all day after reading this blog. M a german language trainer and work they just can't. Good danielle to all. I don't want to do with our kids to visit he is under 4chan microscope. My relationship is the physician in the training so I live in a similar situation have just started dating someone who is being tested for patience,loyalty and trusting and trying to come to grips with, and then had research to do.

I don't want bregoli up tense frustration.

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A taste of what these years ahead haunts me. I feel like you unfortunately ran into this with the children at home mom. I have a few times throughout the week. Of course I give of myself and my husband or danielle he follow me as 4chan bizarre--it seems to be like a demandsuch as "I need you to decide whether or not he is an excessive need for being absent from their lives so much. So you stay calm, stay pleasant, and try not to feel less resentful about all of you, otherwise you bregoli grow resentful of him and I was an ordinary doctor until I read this Thank you thank you may be removed.

No tactless posts generalizing gender.