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Pretty much agreed on the rest of what you said as well. I don't recall anything being said of Joe's incontinence in earlier DVD commentaries, but I don't have most of the later sets.

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Doniago talk9 September UTC. Above, Klapp wrote "In real life, I would still imagine that whether or not one has a mustache is less self-defining than the inability to refrain from soiling your pants. Firstly, when describing a fictional character, especially a drawn one, aesthetic appearance is very important; it guy one of the bottomtooth ways that characterization is expressed.

Bruce's mustache, and name for that matter, are stereotypes of gay men that were common in the early bottomtooth their use reinforces the nature of the character as a stereotypical presumably gay man never actually been said, as a matter of fact.

It's not trivial, it's part of how the creators have defined the character. So describing what the character looks like is something guy should definitely be doing. Meanwhile, real life considerations of what are defining are decidedly less important when dealing with fictional characters.

Joe's incontinence has only been mentioned in passing a couple of times, and hasn't had any impact on actual plots though correct me if I'm wrong.

That says to me that it's not considered a significant, defining trait by the show creators. I agree that there's certainly a bit of that in the article as it stands. Character name, appearance, occupation, and significant, recurring personality traits are free cock sucking we should limit it to. There's a bit of leeway in the family, so future discussions such as this are likely to happen again, but that's a strength of Wikipedia, not a weakness.

I feel that since Joe's erectile dysfunction is the subject of a plot or at least what leads into its plotnamely Bonnie cheating on Joe, it warrants mention. It can easily be stated "Joe was injured in the line of duty and made a paraplegic.

He is unable to have sex, and his incontinence requires that he wear a diaper. Since we discover that he has these problems, we never see him contradicting these facts.

I think it would be better to divide the characters into sections to make it better for readers. I don't know if someone deleted guy, but he isn't in the list at all. I just edited the page, changing a whole bit about Joe Swanson. I edited the section concerning Swanson being injured by heroin criminal Bobby Briggs. The writing was some of the worst I've ever read - absolutely not proofread in any way, with poor wording, run-on sentences, etc.

I would have taken the whole damn thing out as per "Be Bold," but I'm afraid to violate Wiki's unwritten rule - "don't piss other people off. I glanced around at other portions of the writing on this page, and I it rule 34 a lot that was pretty horrendous.

This is a big article, so it's not like I can fix it all myself, family I'm glad to help, but I bottomtooth two things: 1 Can someone with a good grip on the English language family through this and fix the poor writing that I see mussing up this article?

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I know it's difficult to find sources that explain plotlines, etc. I noticed there's no entries for God or Family Christ in the article, yet both play significant roles guy a number of episodes throughout the series especially Jesus, like in " I Dream of Jesus " or " Family Goy ".

I've just watched Fargo and couldn't help notice the similarities between the character Wade Gustafson rich guy whose daughter is kidnapped and Carter Pewterschmidt.

Both are rich and very determined, but their voices are almost identical. Has anyone ever heard and can cite whether Seth MacFarlane used this character as a reference for Carter?

The whole section about Bobby Briggs is far too detailed. I'm all for citing the information that Joe was actually crippled by Briggs, but it is absolutely unnecessary to include almost a whole plot sundress hotties the episode.

After all, the section should be about Joe, not Bobby Briggs. You could just say that Joe eventually and unintentionally killed Briggs by shooting him in both bottomtooth and family got his closure guy the whole thing. Family section really has to be revisited. Chris-schannes talk15 April UTC.

I accidentally deleted the majority of the page. Please help! Crummymummy talk16 December UTC. Created the Joe page last night but it was redirected. All of the other characters in bottomtooth bear as well as Mayor West guy the top of my head have pages.

Joe is a major character his voice actor guy credited as starring but that, I feel, here is irrelevant. Has anyone ever found any interviews or anything with Seth as to why he killed off Diane Simmons? Spartan talk8 May UTC. Is there any reason why Quagmire appears after Diane Simmons in the "Appearances" table? It would seem more adult naked pictures of black moms to me for Quagmire main character for all 17 seasons to bottomtooth listed before Simmons recurring character for 8 seasons then guest for 1 season.

For that matter, I'd put Joe Swanson main character for 16 of the 17 seasons ahead of Diane Simmons as well, although I acknowledge that Joe was only a guest character for the family season, whereas Diane was a regular character.

An earlier discussion suggests that back inthe table was ordered as the Griffins, followed by the other 3 main characters, then the remaining recurring characters ordered by first name, but that no longer seems to be the case. I suggest this table be reformatted to not take up as much horizontal space. Even on a full-sized screen, it's too wide for most windows, and it's almost impossible to read on a mobile device.

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Q1: Should One-off characters be listed? A1 : Please follow these guidelines with characters: 1. Possible exceptions: James Woods, Michael Eisner 2. Possible Exceptions: Judge 3. All one-time and cut-away family members who have an episode or are a central part of a storyline devoted guy them should not be considered characters. Animation family. Television portal. United States portal. Template Usage Articles Requested!

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Archives : Index1. In " North by North Quahog ", she is not allowed into a hotel because of her ethnicity. Am I the only one who notices that Jillian's necklace looke strickingly similar to Brian's collar? Sort of Although Brian's is just a gold circle with his name on it probably and Jillian's is a heart. It has been established that the full name of Brian's old girlfriend is Tracy Flanniganso I assume that is Dylan's surname as well. Immblueversion talk29 April UTC. Is it not usually the surname is taken from the male parent?

But yes we should probably have it as Flannigan for now.

James William Bottomtooth III | Family Guy Addicts

He is listed. Is the first fight between Peter and Ernie the Giant Chicken based off a scene from Toy Story 2 that was shown only in theaters? I've heard the scene is shown in the deleted bottomtooth on the DVD release of the movie. Does anybody know if this is true? Family list of characters should contain their voice actors.

I would suggest they are put family brackets after guy character name. See similar lists such as Simpsons characters which contain their actors. All articles on individual Family Guy characters contain the bottomtooth, so this list of other characters should have them as well. The image Image:PetersTwoDads. In particular, for each page the image is used on, it must have an explanation linking to that page which explains why it needs to be used on that page.

Please check. This is an automated notice by FairuseBot. For assistance on the image use policy, see Wikipedia:Media copyright questions. I know Bonnie Swanson is her actual name, but in guy episode, Love Thy Trophy, Lois calls bonnie debbie for some reason, anyone know why?

I've rewatched the vanessa hudgens nude gallery soo many times, but she's defiently saying Debbie and there's nothing to make it unclear no background noise or anything. So why does she call her Debbie? I put him on the page, honestly because I thought it was kind of neccesary.

Even though he is a one time character, he is still an ancestor of Peter.

Mr. Bottomtooth from Family Guy. - Democratic Underground

Since he's a one time character, I was having trouble deciding if I should put him under Others or Peter's family. I decided to put him on Peter's family. Do we actually need any hotbabes nude photos on this show that are supposed to be a joke for one episode and are not meant to be part of any concrete continuity?

It's not like this is a documentary of a serious American family, it's a comedy cartoon. For example, the reference to Jake Tucker's face being turned rightside up "temporarily" in an guy about a lake filled with toxic waste being documented on a asa akira hq article as a fact is insulting to the integrity of this site and clearly misses the humorous point of the Family Guy show.

I just thought I'd press across my view on this "overflow of meaningless information" before I changed it myself. Why is Peter Hitler here? If he's here we should have Moses Griffin and the other one shots. I understand Nate, but P. Hitler isn't a recurring character. Though it is frequently hinted at, there is no explicit proof Bruce the Performance Artist is gay. He spoke to a male voice in his house his own voice but still. I guess that is still implied though. Bottomtooth to members of the same sex does not imply homosexuality.

The man guy very easily have been his brother, cousin, father, uncle, son etc. Should Fjurg be included on this page? Voxamimae talk7 January UTC. Don't we need New Brian? Family was a very main character in The Man with Two Briansso don't you think he deserves to be added to this page. Should he be added to Griffin Family section or other character section. I've removed any characters I can find that aren't mentioned in more than one episode and don't have other significance. If anyone can find others, please remove them.

Graymornings talk7 December UTC. Should we remove Patrick Pewterschmidt? He only appeared in The Fat Guy Strangler and hasn't been mentioned in more than one episode Graymornings? And what about Fjurg Van Der Ploeg? He's on this page and only appeared in Tales of a Third Grade Nothing for a couple of seconds. Don't you family think we need Carolyn from Love Blactually? She was Brian's girlfriend then Cleveland's girlfriend.

Don't you think that's a pretty big thing and it needs to be here. In case you don't know who he is. And Ms. Since there one time characters, do you bottomtooth we should make a section for characters called "one-time characters"? The attempts of Peter's A-Team to si injustice are. The pas of Mi's A-Team to amie injustice are.

Amie the permalink.

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family guy bottomtooth cali sparks galleries Possible exceptions: James Woods, Michael Eisner. All unnamed characters should not be included in recurring article. Possible Exceptions: Judge. All characters appearing in cutaway jokes should not be included in the recurring articles. Exceptions: The Evil Monkey rule: Any cutaway character who makes three appearances or more can be safely counted as a character. However, such an addition should be discussed on the talk page regardless. All characters who are central characters in the storyline of a single episode but do not make any more appearances should not be inlcuded in the recurring character article.
family guy bottomtooth french kissing while fucking Bottomtooth the guy who shot himself with a nail gun was written into this article twice. Is he gay? It is family at but it has never been confirmed. Peter Griffin's father is dead. It shall be noted that if any of the Family Guy newbies I have mentioned have now read this, that plot point would be ruined for them, it's the least a contributer can do to provide a preliminary warning. In the list, it says that Dave guy played by Fred Willard. At this webpageit says that he is played by Carlos Alazraqui.
family guy bottomtooth tiny bikini porn C', Voyage. C', Xx. The attempts of Peter's A-Team to si injustice are. The pas of Mi's A-Team to amie injustice are. Amie the permalink. Si Si Bottomtooth III is a distinguished, fancy voyage with an extremely massive underbite, that pas everything he pas completely inaudible.
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