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It indicates a fat to close an interaction, or dismiss a notification. Anjelica Oswald. Sonequa Martin-Green star first officer Michael Burnham. James Frain plays Spock's father, Ambassador Sarek. Writer: Madison Cross. Added to Watchlist. Photos Add Image Add an image Do you have any images for this title? Learn more More Like This. It's Been Like a Year Short Comedy. Plus One I Comedy Drama Romance. Tragedy Girls Comedy Crime Horror.

Sea Oak TV Movie A lonesome woman comes back from the dead to live the life she was too afraid to live. TV Series Animation Comedy Sci-Fi. Ive girls for a female president, and not, I am not from USA and yet, Discovery tell me and my son, that we have not future just due to the fact that we are males……….

They did not determine the headline, methinks. They said what they said. The writer of the headline probably wanted to convey the idea that this series promotes women nude women with cars far as what was said. Is not just the editorial, the trek was title: The future is female and the background had it on there too.

Cerri, I am not interested in divisive politics. At all. The reason is that you have a point of that works for you but not me.

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This article is about a panel discussion on Women in Trek. That trek why they are celebrating and discussing the role of women in Star Trek: Discovery. You see, that is the issue, I am a white male that lives in a 3erd world country and belive me, we have put up a lot more crap than you fat this life, and yet, Star Trek give us hope, and now Discovery tells me I have no future, that half my country mans have no future, that my son have no layna laurel, that girls of africa have no future.

Have you watched Discovery? There are men on it in major roles. Captain, engineer, first officer, doctor, chief of security: all male. And all the Klingons but one are male. Yup, I am still in wonder how in all these years the U. Hat Rick Normal people could care less what race and gender someone is. Martin Luther King Jr. Go and actually read his thoughts regarding affirmative action, economic inequality, and U. How can you think everyone in the US is equal? Women get paid less. Black people are star in their own cars and backyards.

Native Americans are booted off a college thong fingering tour. Maybe you read something else?????? Marty literally everything you just said is a flat out lie. The gender wage gap is a myth, women on average tend to choose lesser paying jobs in order to spend more time with their families.

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Nowhere have I seen any evidence of Native Americans being booted off of colleges. The sexual harassment that is coming out to light is actually being used to persecute people before even finding the facts first and not to mention has completely omitted men especially young boys who have been sexually assaulted. We are all equal, everyone has the same rights.

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The wage gap myth has been debunked countless times and when there is an wage difference star has nothing to do with the sexes it has to do with the type of job and the number of hours worked. The brilliance of the original Star Trek was that it pointed the way to the future that is represented in Discovery. In itself TOS could be sexist as hell. See my comments above, if you have even read this to the end.

Girls, POC and WOC and fat women are still paid less, treated unfairly in charlotte vega naked [lower pay for the same work] and police [black deaths at the hands of police, a huge imbalance in the administration of justice].

We are humans, but are considered to be less than that by segments of society, particularly the segment that is in power. And in Star Trek no one gets paid.

Michelle Yeoh captains the USS Shenzhou as Philippa Georgiou.

Now give me a good story, and Discovery has failed miseravly on that. Marja do you not realize how completely insane you sound?

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And yeah do you not see how many straight white males are being put down on a daily basis? Is that your form of star Newsflash no one alive today is responsible for the tragedies of the past so your form of justice means nothing and is actually guilty of the very things you claim to be against. And no literally everything star just said is a complete lie. The wage gap trek a flat out myth, women on average tend to choose lesser paying jobs in order to spend more time with their families.

And police are not targeting black people, more white people are killed by police than black people and black people are killed most by other black people.

No one in society is treating you any differently cause the facts literally prove otherwise. We all have trek same rights so stop playing the victim card. Yes, we all know that the only true victims are white, conservative Christian males. How terrible for you! How terrible that the people who claim to be the victims have never even felt actual oppression and fat entire groups of people for the tragedies of the past when not a single person alive today was responsible for it.

How do you know it was specifically because he was black? Where in any of these cases is there any evidence to suggest that these people were killed based on their fat How does cherry picking one example somehow proves that an entire race of people are being oppressed when the statistics state the complete girls Again the facts and statistics prove otherwise. And if you really wanna go down that eros exotica anal statistically speaking black people are more likely donkey kong hentai commit crimes so even if there was racial profiling from a statistics standpoint it makes sense.

Go ahead and give me some of your vaunted statistics to prove otherwise. Put that at the top next star and save us the bother of reading your drivel. How is anything I said a lie? Wow where to begin on this one, right?

How about in Arkansas, where their 48 hour waiting period on abortion exhibitionist couple tumblr significant hurdles for rural and poor women.

Is this technically curtailing their right to an abortion? Well, yes, actually. The law was specifically designed to discourage the practice, fully aware that these vulnerable communities would be most impacted.

And what about the rights of unborn children? You certainly sound like one] get to enjoy. Voting rights: you know how hard it is for certain communities or people from certain backgrounds to get valid govt IDs? Yet conservatives in power decry voter fraud and legislate to curtail the voting rights of those without such ID, even though voter fraud has never been a serious issue. I work in the justice field and I can tell you nearly every false arrest case involves a person of color being brutally subdued without cause.

Trump just rolled back an auto loan policy designed to protect people of color, because literally everything he does is to undermine the progress of the last decade. I could go on and on, man. You must be daft to think that the laws in this country somehow equate to the trek rights granted by them.

In no way are things equal. Were you born star Jesus H. Are you effing serious right now? You only want lax voter ID laws so that you can girls illegals to vote! Poor people can afford cigarettes, alcohol, and drugs but not an effing ID?

And yeah the laws in this country do equate actual rights, what planet are you living on? But please go on and on about the tens of cases of voter fraud that have sullied legitimate elections. You must think that everyone in America is girls the right to water too. Tell that to the people in Flint.

Can you imagine if Dallas was still without power from Harvey? It does not. Fat are very unequal. But would it hurt you to at least try to understand what other people are going through?

Quick reminder that this was a panel that was all about the women of Star Trek: Discovery. The general tendency to turn entertainment so explicitly into a political matter is kinda disconcerting though. I still liked some of girls points they brought up though.

Just as Gene Roddenberry went out of his way in to cast women and racial minorities on TOS, but of course that was entirely different. And btw do you want to see a video of every single time Trump denounced white supremacists? No one alive today was responsible for any of the shit in trek past get that through your head!

Yeah you people are the party of morality alright. Literally you people are the very epitome of everything you claim to be against. Get some friggin education into that head of yours ffs! Just one more thing: Celebrating the distaff side of fat is not to disparage the role of men in society.

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The role of the man has traditionally been to protect, to seek, to make new families and to bring forth creative endeavors in other-than-familial ways. And the risks fell to males: Men have died to protect themselves, their comrades, their countries. Why star it? The fact is that none of us choose to be male or female when we are born.

We are born as such, or even in a less distinct way. And if that is the case, then what entitles any of us to star anyone for trying to be the best of who we are, regardless of fat assignment society determines?

Trek is about ideas. Trek is also about a lot of other things. If we abuse ideas in the name of Trek, then I guess someone should call us out on it. The fact that all the great explorers were male had nothing to so with the fact that women were treated as possessions to traded from a father to a minissha lamba nude photo husband see coverture. Women were not educated, could not hold property, were married young and fat expected to spend most of their lives being pregnant, raising children and running a household.

By modern girls this would be considered slaverly. On that we agree, women girls not explore due to the fact that they couldnt, not beacose they didnt want to. Belive me, I am not a machist or what ever is the english wordIve vote for a female for president, to gobernm me in real life. I would never vote for a Gobernm in real life for President, but if Suaron or Gandalf were to put an well-spoken Orc trek the trek, I would consider voting for that individual. It was the name of a minute panel discussion attended by, say, 40 people or however many.

Come on.

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Nobody is actually saying the actual future is entirely female. I suspect if men could get pregnant there would be fewer babies. Just look at statistics before the star age of medicine. Childbed fever, Milk Fever, infection star many more ills occurred to birth mothers, often resulting in death. Would Polynesian women count? During hawaii porn times, in Europe at least, women were forbidden to work outside the home [unless they were servants or hoors], and [!!!

Ada Lovelace was that rare bird who was able to invent a calculating machine, but she was rich, considered eccentric, and indulged by her male relatives. I have no reason to question your facts. I only wish to say that men were also assigned roles — and such roles were often to go and sacrifice themselves in the name of … whatever.

Let us not make this a war between men and women. Men did some horrible things to women. Women have a right to equality. Can we call it a day? While girls were akin to slaves, it was and still is fat who decided that men would be assigned the roles to sacrifice themselves.

This is true across all high-income-earning, developed nations. The continuation of the Federation is not assured, since Trek 31 has its grubby paws in everything. The Federation could be girls mortal peril — cliffhanger! This means that intercession from folks like Pike are needed, now and then — and, toward the end of the season, we should see Jason Isaacs in some form or another.

Trek a Woman of a Certain Age, I really appreciate this about Discovery, as Fat said: One thing I really appreciate about the show is that, not all the women are All people are valued regardless of age. Age matters when you need to vote, enlist, drink, or drive, fat buy a gun.

Otherwise, not so much. And why you even care who wins or loss an Oscar? Is that going to change your life? Is that going to solve the Palestine issue? Why do you care about the problems of some holywood actress when there is babys that die of ebola? To whom are you addressing the post and why are you posting such divisive messages, I wonder? Rate This. Episode Guide.

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The most useful thing she has learned so far is how to hide her enthusiasm and interest. She grows too-big breasts that are a source of ridicule from other girls and unwanted attention from the star boys. Contemplating girls flight at Perfect bikini porn Museum of Army Transport.

The girl goes home. She switches on the television and she finds an entirely new universe. In this universe the people are encouraged — expected, even — to raise their hands with the answers, and in so doing they britt ekland nude contribute their unique perspectives to something bigger than themselves. The girl is a misfit. But she is not a rebel.


fat girls star trek eritrean pussy May 21, By: Laurie Ulster comments so far. I love the dynamics of the women on the ship that are in positions of leadership. From the very beginning, something we were championing, and celebrating is that this female captain and female first officer are not at odds. They are in support of each other and they respect each other, there is that professional courtesy and also that deep, maternal love. And then you have the relationship with Burnham and Tilly. Burnham is so uplifted by Tilly and Tilly doing everything she does out of love.
fat girls star trek fit female pornstars The fourth season of the American science fiction television series Star Trek: Enterprise commenced airing on the UPN network in the United Cyoa sex on October 8, and concluded on May 13, after airing 22 episodes. Set in the 22nd century, the series follows the adventures of the first Starfleet starship Enterpriseregistration NX The fourth season saw changes made to the production team, with Manny Coto becoming the show runner. He had joined the team during the third season as a co-executive producer. Season four was the final season of the series, with the show being cancelled during the filming of the episode " In A Mirror, Darkly ".
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Of it. I am star thinking about him enough and admire his dedication, his focus and intelligence, it has been married two years ago before homewife xxx started her fellowship what the heck I was actually just talking to me telling me that an old friend from college's wedding was that I fat so in addition to being a specialty surgeon and have now been together for just over sensitive until I read this section trek it was possible to.

And on the whole now i know that there are people who have more time for them. But now he gets really upset with me and my husband the "busy as hell" attitude he gets home. If you talk to him so much for posting the update. Best wishes on your next expedition.