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Feeling hungry is natural. Feeling full is natural. Thinking about food is natural. You need food to live. Food is fuel. Food is not the enemy. Your body is not your enemy. You need to take care of it and appreciate it for all it has done for you. How you take care of it is up to you and your personal needs. Pushing your body past its limits, starving it, overworking it, etc. It is possible to love your body.

Your body has done many great things for you. Maybe it fights off diseases well. Maybe it helps you achieve goals like running certain distances or climbing certain heights. Maybe it just holds and protects your organs. Regardless, it does some good things for you.

Appreciate it, and do good things back. Even the most body positive people have days when they feel bad about their body. You and your body are not to blame for the way other people treat sexy girl animated gif.

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If people hate you because of how you look, they are the problem, not you and not your body. Fat people are not to blame for the way others abuse us, mistreat us, mock us, harass us, bully us, discriminate against us, etc.

Society is. Society likes to create standards for what it deems beautiful based on racist, fatphobic, antisemetic, misogynistic, transphobic, intersexist, ableist ideas.

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Meeting these standards can often be dangerous, unrealistic, or impossible for some people. Instead of trying to change how we look to meet those standards, we should be eliminating the standards all together. Content warning: rape, fatphobia, suicide, starvation Fat people experience all kinds of horrible treatment simply because we are fat. None of this is our fault and none of this is okay.

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People who think these things are okay are bigots, and like all bigots, should be called out and educated. People should not find this behavior acceptable or allow it to continue. There is no excuse for it, there is no defending it, and there is no reason to blame fat people for it. We are not responsible for others treating us badly and we deserve to be treated better.

The discrimination and oppression fat people face is not less serious or less important than other forms.

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It is very real and it hurts many people. It also intersects with other forms of oppression like racism and misogyny to hurt already very marginalized individuals.

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This should not be angie cutie by social justice advocates or feminists. Fat people matter, our issues matter, and we deserve to be heard and taken seriously. Thin people have body image issues and are sometimes bullied for their bodies. That would be wrong and unfair. What we are saying, though, is that fat people matter too, that fat people are good people too, that fat people are attractive too, and that thin people should not be treated better than fat people just because they are thin.

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fat women nude video tumblr anal sex scenes from movies They all look different, act different, think different, have different bodies and are at different stages of transition. There is no way that you find every single one of them unattractive. To specifically single them out as a group that you dislike is based on stereotypes and bias, not reality. It benefits all of us to take the time to examine our internal bias. Recognizing that prejudice and reflecting on it is a good thing. Maybe your sexual or romantic leanings will never change.
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