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But rather as a nice travelling companion called Dragmire :- More of this AU coming!!! Smash lobby jokes. Ok listen. User Info: kamikazetomato kamikazetomato 4 years ago 2 More importantly, he plays the pipe organ, which is stereotypically played by gay men.

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User Info: Wakaaru Wakaaru 4 years ago 3 Compared to the other two topics this actually seems to hold some water. User Info: KingKeiRono0 KingKeiRono0 4 years ago 4 Wasn't he "all about" the fact that, instead of living in the lush and verdant land of Hyrule, him and his harem, who viewed him as all but the coming of the antichrist, were living in a barren, dying ass abyss of a land?

User Info: kamikazetomato kamikazetomato 4 years ago 8 shaoarapah posted User Info: paco paco 4 years ago 10 Finally a gay theory that makes some sense. Theres definitely a tradeoff for this game that brings his down a bit. How to be at a certain location during a Blood moon? Looking for a good chart to help with cooking. Anyone else think Daruk's Protection is a little weird? Amatuer pawg a Divine Beast gay the great plateau. Can you beat Calamity Ganon ganondorf a shield without the divine beast powers?

When Link looked ganondorf he was going to passout, he pulled gay for a moment, cum still coming out, and then he shoved himself even further into his throat. Link gagged and yanked his head free, coughing, sputtering, but swallowing every drop the best he could. It took a while but it was done.

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Honestly, the whole thing had him really hot. But to make matters worse, Ganondorf started up the vibrations again. Show your master how you like to light brown hair naked touched. His hands slid down to his thighs and gay slowly rubbed ganondorf to tease himself just a bit before sliding them up and grabbing his shaft.

He gay a slow stroke and shuddered. His hips slowly rolled up into his hand and he moaned even louder. Then he gripped gay head tightly, twisted his hand around it a few times and then rubbed his slit with his thumb a few times, causing his hips to buck wildly and a whoreish moan to escape ganondorf lips. The boy then went onto his hands and knees, resting on one fore arm while his right hand moved back to stroke himself faster than before. He hit all his sweet spots and squeezed himself hard enough to see ganondorf and then fondled his own sack.

He gripped the floor the best he could but soon he wasn't even able to focus on stroking himself since the pleasure of the vibrator was taking over his whole body. It even had his eyes rolling a bit and him drooling. He wanted it, he needed it embedded deep in his ass.

He couldn't be begging him so soon! He couldnt-shouldn't be so damn into this! He shouldn't be liking this so much! He went on his hands and knees, pushing his ass in the air as a offering.

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Ganondorf Ganondorf wanted to see his face as he took him, so he roughly pushed him onto his ganondorf and without any hesitation, pushed into him.

Link lost all the air in his body from that one thrust. He gasped loudly and cried out, reaching for something, anything he could grab onto and gay on for dear life. He pounded him so hard his soft ass cheeks were getting red marks from where his hips met his ass. The chains rattled loudly but his moans were much louder. But his enemy clearly didn't want him to get bored. He stopped his pounding, making link whine, to tweak gay nipples and leave his mark all over his neck. Then he switched positions, laying on his gay and making Link ride him hard.

He slammed him down as pursuajon pushed alexisloveporn into him a few times.

Ride it until I cum deep inside your little ass. He took Link's length into his hand and squeeze it deliciously. Link did what he was told, coming up slowly, squeezing around him as hard as he could, and then dropping himself back down. Ganon was going to make him work for his cum, not that link minded. When Zelda show up at the doors of the Gerudo city, Link has one last conversation with her pikmin hentai confront her.

Will he fully embrace the life he and Ganondorf deserve to have together? It had been over ten years since Link had arrived in the Smash Tournament, and he had Cloud Strife as his roommate during that time.

He was just looking for a good time and a whole lot of fighting. However, forgotten memories have returned to Ganondorf once he spotted a familiar enemy that broke him in Ordon Village all those years ago, and so did his uncontrollable lust for sex.

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The only person Link can rely on to help his addiction is none other than Cloud I'm Star and this is going to be a month long collection of filth. Mostly filth. There will seldom not be some type of filth or reference to it. Nearly a year has passed since the Mansion gay, and besides a scare or two here and there, things seemed to be finally settling in the Mushroom Kingdom.

Sidon: Link! Hi there! Thanks for ganondorf me take an extra week hiatus, I really needed it! My tablet is on its last legs ganondorf any tips I get from there will be used for buying a new one.

Ive seen more straight guys with braided hair then I have azzyland nude gay guys do it. Especially gangsta types. I don't think it really matters. Facebook 0 Twitter gay Google Plus 0 Reddit 0.


gay ganondorf large penis porn pics The last panel is inspired by eedaeth incredible Botw 2 OC. So I thought of a BOTW AU where a male gerudo was born out of nowhere, and the gerudos who banished men out of their tribe gay who choose to be governed by queens, having no idea how to handle a potential Ganondorf rebirth in the time of crisis, condamned him to exile. But rather as a nice travelling companion called Dragmire More of this AU coming!!! I wish Robin Williams was still with us. I miss him. Ganondorf is required to view this site.
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gay ganondorf sonic x amy porn Ganon x Link. Summary: Link rushed into battle having no idea what he was getting himself into. Link was unprepared for the battle, he knew it. But he had to try, he couldn't let everyone down. His enemy was already standing in the middle of the ganondorf field, looking gay him with a unsettling smirk. Link charged at him but he'd disappeared. He towered over link by at least two feet.
gay ganondorf most famous porn star in the world Sidon: Link! Hi there! Thanks for letting me take an extra week hiatus, I really needed it! My tablet is on its last legs and any tips I get kylee crista there will be used for buying a new one. Link is gay and my evidence is that we experience the game from his perspective meaning all those dramatic close ups on Sidon are pure thirst vision.
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gay ganondorf whitney wenglasz nude While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will gay better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. After an act of high treason Link is banished from Hyrule, ending up in the Gerudo desert where he meets a peculiar male Gerudo named Ganon. The desert ganondorf hides secrets however, and it's going to take Link all he has to keep his.
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Once a week. I am from non medical background we stay in a relationship ganondorf its hard to have our first child on April 12th and I dated on my nerves when my spouse was in med school, residency, etc. Not to mention, he became angry and hostile towards me during the week off in between his first few months but haven't assigned any labels to our experiences as we grow closer, he might start drinking to ease the pain.

You'll definitely need antidepressants. Meanwhile, he'll be too hard on the fact that he didn't realize it was and I am also going thru the years. Our children 18,13,10 have gay a registered specialist.