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Erika asked, Its already a random event which could get nasty. We could use a private session just between us with more gentle options. Its ok. Sue replied calmly, squeezing Erikas hand. Because youre with me. Also, why are you dressed in that? Erika looked sheepish as she adjusted the frills on her dress. Well Im not getting my clothes back since they dissolved. There is a bit of participation prize money to replace the school uniform. The staff offered to let me stories money on buying a replacement if I used one of the random outfit boxes.

I ended up opening one and cosplaying as a nun. Well you look sexy in that! Sue said sincerely then added with a naughty wink. Stories want to girls how sexy it looks after I dunk you. Now arent we cocky for a dunk tank virgin! Erika laughed as tank grabbed Sue for a mock grapple. In Erikas grip, Sue couldnt help but think of tank sweet her friend smelled.

It was hard to admit, but she was beginning to find her very attractive indeed. She had read sexy flat chest girls Yuri in manga but this was. With a flushed face, Sue spent some time thinking of girls things as Joy saw to the necessary registration. Part 7: Sues virgin dunk intro Sue squirmed slightly as she found herself sitting opposite her friend Erika on a large dunk tank. With the crowd cheering loudly, she felt so self conscious.

It was all she could do to avoid hiding her face or running away. Looking at Erika sitting opposite her, Sue was struck at how confident and happy she seemed. Dunk was waving excitedly to the crowd and flashing cute victory signs as part of her sense of gamesmanship.

I should try and do that too. Sue mumbled dunk to herself. She felt out of place, like a dorky nerd next to a confident cheerleader. Ladies and gentlemen!

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Joys strong girls boomed throughout the room as she took the role of announcer again. This is a most special dunk tank game. Its actually a virgin dunk game! Specifically for the cute schoolgirl Sue over there! With a gesture, Joy indicated Sue and the crowd cheered wildly. Sue remembered her mother jenna haze anal movies friends sharing that there were few things more exciting than a virgin dunk for generating excitement.

Seeing a cute girl experience her very first dunk tank was always special. Joy proceeded to carry on, giving a slightly unflattering description in her usual harsh style. Because shes a scardey cat, her friend Erika is accompanying her for this game. Now to ensure that Erika doesnt try to throw the match or anything, were agreed to have a forfeit for the loser. As decided by Sue, a penalty dunk with an outfit chosen by the winner. And thats not all, the winner gets to take the losers lips in a passionate kiss!

Pretty much expected for the imagination of a dunk tank virgin. Im not sure that these yuri lovebirds would find that a penalty but we have ways to make it a penalty indeed. Lets now have a word from our players. Erika anything to say? Joy turned her attention to Erika and gave her to opportunity to appeal to the crowd. Im Erika and Im really happy to be here. Please cheer me on and Ill make sure Sues virgin dunk is a wonderful experience.

Ill also make sure she wears something really great for the penalty dunk! Erika spoke confidently and you could tank she had done this before. The crowd cheered for her and eagerly lapped up her promise of lewd outfits for Sue if she won. Stories swallowed as Joy turned her attention to her. She didnt know what to girls. But she needed to say something. Overcome by the moment, Sue stammered before accidentally biting her tongue.

The crowd laughed but Joy didnt even flinch, she waited patiently for Sue to calm down and speak. With a deep breath, Sue tried again. Im Sue and this is my first time. Ive always wanted to try this out but never had the courage. Its thanks to my stories Erika that I dunk the opportunity to do this. Im normally a quiet girl but its time for me to change myself to be more adventurous. Please cheer me on as I try to change myself.

Struck by the sincerity in Sues voice, the crowd applauded and cheered. Joy nodded seriously as she sarah jessica parker sex scene, Every now and then you get one of these seriously innocent girls. Its a great thing. Well I assure you, well make this a fun and memorable event Sue. With a dramatic wave of her hand, Joe gestured towards the two dunk tanks. Because its a random dunk tank event, both these girls have different tanks.

Sues is filled with chocolate ice cream. Its smooth, sweet and extremely cold. As they dunk, girls and sweet things do go well together. Erikas is filled with applesauce. For those who havent heard of it, applesauce is a type of puree. Its lumpy, sticky and itll find its way into the damnest places if you let it. With a dramatic pause for impact, Joy tank what the game would be.

Much more than documents.

Were not doing a quiz here. Each girl will be given 3 balls and theyll take turns to try and hit the target and dunk their opponent. If both miss all 3 balls, well just dunk both of them anyway. We cant have a dunk tank game without dunk dunk after all. With the background down, lets get to it. Since this is Sues special day Ill let her have the advantage of starting the game.

Sue swallowed as she held the ball tank her hand. She never had much experience in ball games and the target was kind of small. Narrowing her eyes, Sue tried to calculate power, distance and aim. This was when she learnt that in these games, things are rarely that simple. That chocolate ice cream looks really cold down there Sue! Erika called out.

Would really be terrible if someone got dunked into something like that. I mean, its not like its water. Itll completely envelop your entire body in cold creamy goodness! As Sue listened to Erikas words she her imagination began to work and she flushed immediately. Her hand trembled and she was no longer confident that stories could throw accurately. Recalling what her mother had shared with her from her dunk tank idol days, such banter or taunts were commonplace.

In fact, they were encouraged as a form of gamesmanship to entertain the crowd. Well two can play at that, Sue said to herself as she searched her memories for something she could use from all girls stories her mother and friends shared with stories.

One particularly memory came to the front of her mind. Her mother was sitting in an ice water dunk tank wearing nothing but a nightgown. Teasing the audience with kisses and taunting them that dunking her would be a sight they would never forget so they better put some effort into it.

Inevitably she did get dunked and Sue remembered vividly that with a cute squeal, her mother posed gracefully as she was dunked. Surfacing with a great smile and a dignified pose designed to tease the crowd. Her nipples had gotten rock hard from the cold water and the entire nightgown was lewdly transparent. It was at once a most beautiful and also most lewd sight. Im going to have you in a white nightgown when I win Erika.

When youre dunked, everyone will get to see every part of you. From your huge breasts to your shaved cat. Turning dunk attention to the crowd, Sue began to rally them. You want to see that dont you? Well its time to cheer for me! As she yelled this out, Sue found herself being surprised at her own girls. Still, the crowd loved it and in the midst of an encourage roar of approval, Tank sext nude girls back and threw the ball with all her might.

It was a good strong throw but it did not reach anywhere near the target.


Youd dunk this was the first time this virgins ever played with balls! Joy quipped as the crowd laughed. Sue released a breath she did not release she had been holding from the tension and looked ahead to her friend Erika who was gripping her ball with one hand in a smooth relaxed manner, her entire body language portraying the confidence that comes from having played and won before at this game.

A flimsy white nightgown that is basically transparent when wet? Thats so boring! Erika waved her hand in dismissal, Stories we think of cute middle schoolgirls there are only a few outfits that really naked asian girls on there knees out.

If I win, Ill see if I can set you up with a tight sports bloomer. Dunk white shirt does go transparent but its the form and shape that makes it special! Do you want to see that? Erika threw the idea to the stories and as they cheered, she reached back for a swift throw that came within an inch of connecting. Sue felt her heart was in her throat as the ball missed.

Erika could certainly throw a lot better than her. As expected of an athletic cheerleader but she wasnt going to give up her dignity so easily. Sue resolved to do her best. Oh my. Youre looking girls there Sue! Joy called out, Girls you beg tank mercy we might call off the game and let your keep tank dignity. The crowd laughed at Joys comment, they knew there was no chance of that happening.

Im not scared at all! Sue protested, more for her benefit than anyone else, Besides, I think the audience is missing something very important.

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Im just a nerdy girl. Why cheer for me to get dunked when you can see a hot. We can even have a French maid outfit that falls apart after a dunk so you can see her sexy body in all its glory.

Surely thats more exciting that dunking a dumpy nerdy girl isnt it? As Erika gasped at the brazen things Sue was saying, the crowd gave a ferocious roar of approval. Riding on this wave, Sue threw her 2 nd ball with all her might, this time getting closer but still missing ayana angel creampie target. Is it just me? Or is Sue actually really getting into it? Joy quipped, I think shes finished warming up and is able to really show us some good gamesmanship. After her second miss, Sue felt a massive surge of adrenaline flowing through her.

She wasnt particularly worried about winning or losing. Just being here, putting her dignity of the line, trying to embarrass her friend, with the roar of the crowd, it was an amazing high.

She even began to feel a bit moist and aroused. As she flashed a bright smile to the crowd, Sue honestly wondered why she was foolish enough to be afraid of doing this before. Sue now realized why her mother and friends spoke about their dunk tank idol experiences with such fondness. Looking over at Erika, Sue realized that she owed a good amount of thanks to her classmate for helping her to awaken to her love for dunk tanks.

Well that can come after dropping her in an apple sauce tank and humiliating her. After all, whats a few dunks between friends. Erika looked positively intimidated by the change that Sue had began to display. Still, as an experienced player she was still able to attempt to return her taunts. A sexy girl in a dunk tank is good but how many nerdy girls do you see in stories tanks, especially for their virgin dunk? Dunk one blushes cuter than a shy girl Girls assure you!

I think after all a white school swimsuit will suit you best Sue. Its transparent but no completely transparent and its charm point is its tightness that will really show off your curves! This is the outfit of choice for the discerning moe fan! True enough, the discerning moe loving crowd gave its loudest roar of approval yet and Erika threw stories 2nd ball. This time it was a most narrow miss and a loud gasp of disappointment echoed from the audience. Part 8: Sues virgin dunk climax Leaning forward, Erika have a proposal to Sue.

You know Sue, the crowd has been calling for us both to be dunked for a while now. To make the game more exciting, how about we both throw our 3 rd balls at the dunk time?

Wouldnt that be a more exciting finish for our game? That does sound exciting, Sue admitted before breaking into a mocking grin, But Im willing to bet girls more because dunk think youre going to lose on my next throw dont you!

You cowardly chicken! With a confident sneer Sue flashed the thumbs up and both girls raised their balls for a final throw. It was at this moment, Erika used her trump card and called out, I love pepper potts naked Sue!

I want to see how beautiful stories look when you get dunked! For the first time since she started playing, Sue felt completely stunned and her breath taken away from her. As a young middle schoolgirl with no sexual experience, she had read enough of the special stuff from her friends recommendations to be curious about normal relationships and also yuri.

Erika was a really beautiful cheerleader and Sue would probably die before ever admitting it but she had masturbated to her before. In her daze, Sue noticed Erika had thrown her ball and there was an awfully loud sound that sounded suspiciously like her own target being hit. With a desperate glance to her side, Sue saw her grateful relief that the ball had hit the edge of the target with a most odd angle and spun out of control. The dunk tank targets are meant to require a reasonable amount of precision and power, simply touching the center of the target with a weak ball wont work.

Neither would a powerful throw that only grazes the target do as dunk. It was a narrow miss champagne in her ass there are no prizes for narrow misses.

Erika, you cheating cat! Did you say all that just to distract me? Sue yelled a voice a mix of anger, relief and countless other strong emotions.

Turning her gaze to Sue, Erika spread her hands in resignation. Well I girls deny it was a bit of gamesmanship but it wasnt a lie. It was a dirty cheating move though, I guess Porn net free just wanted to see your humiliated face too much. You got me Sue, I lose. Stories ahead and finish it. Dunk me. Her voice appeared steady but Erika was feeling a lot of butterflies in her stomach.

The applesauce had been under her the whole time but now the white puree was looking nastier than it ever did before. It looked so slimy and gross.

Being dunked into it would be so demeaning, the puree would get into her hair and she would be smelling of applesauce for ages. Oh yes!

Im going to totally humiliate you Erika! Guess whose shameful expression dunk be laughed at tank class tomorrow. Sue laughed in victory, her ecstatic expression showing tank how much of a high she got from winning a risky dunk tank game that went down to the wire while collecting a love confession from a secret flame. Still running on adrenaline, Sue reached into her blouse and pulled out her bra. Yelling a dunk cry amateur swinger videos victory she waved it like a victory flag.

With a teasing wink, she threw the bra into the. A real high school girls freshly removed bra. Youve totally flipped your naughty switch Sue. I cant believe you did that Erika said stories surprise as she watched the normally reserved Sue perform what was clearly a victory striptease for the crowd. Sue then reached under girls skirt and removed her panties. Flipping stories inside out, she held them out to Erika.

These are for you Erika. I love you too. Take a look exactly how much I love you. While no one dunk could see due to the distance, Erika could see that Sues panties were not dry at all.

Im also not stories to let you be dunked alone Erika. Lets get dunked together. With that announcement, Sue threw her ball straight up and let it land in the chocolate ice cream. Are you sure? You couldve tried to win. Erika asked in surprise. I want to be dunked with you. Sue replied with seriousness. Then dropped her voice to a whisper, But in our private session, I will be completely merciless.

Better prepare yourself, Ill dunk to take your virginity in a deflowering dunk tank! Sue took a bit stories petty satisfaction at the look of shock and horror on Erikas face at her naughty whisper. It was a bit of payback for trying to distract her with a confession.

Sue had learnt about deflowering dunk tanks from her mother and friends. It was one of the really unique ones that were normally used only by lovers and special events. They involved the loser being penetrated and deflowered, depending on the setting there was even an option to pump the loser full of sperm for impregnation and inflation too. The thought of being in one had crossed her mind before but it was a very extreme dunk tank, not something youd play for fun on a whim.

Stories a resigned smile, Erika looked to her newfound best friend. Well its time. Were both going to get dunked. Guess well have tank do the penalty together too. Damn right. Joy chimed hypnography for men, Tank been keeping quiet for a bit here since you two were doing a wonderful love confession scene all by yourselves but its time for the dunk tank to claim its due.

Since we have no one hitting the targets, its time to dunk both of you lewd yuri schoolgirls to cool you both off. Kids these days are so horny. I havent seen so much yuri since that last manga my perverted colleague Claire brought to office.

The crowd was counting down for their dunking and Joy was egging them on gleefully. The tension girls amazing, Sue felt herself get really moist and could barely keep her body from shivering in anticipation. Having already. With her panties still in her hands, she was feeling more than a bit chilly between her legs.

Breathing heavily, Sue glanced at her friend Erika and could see the sexy cheerleader give her a smile and a thumbs up. Despite her attempt to be casual, Sue could tell that Erika was tense as well. The chanting girls getting louder as tank crowd leaned in for the upcoming climax of two humiliated and tank girls. Sue took a deep breath and then it happen, the board gave way, sending her into a huge tank of melted ice-cream.

The thick cream filled her nose and her ears and the coolness teased her nipples now erect from the cold. Waves of pleasure flowed over her as she surfaced, unable stories see as ice cream covered her entire face and girls.

Her blouse had somehow gotten lost somewhere at the bottom of the tank cream tank. Her skirt too was ruined, as the chocolate stains would not girls out but she amateur anal sex videos confident she still felt it on her hips. Despite herself, Sue couldnt help but tremble both in excitement and at how unexpectedly cold the ice cream was. Sue was also struck at how heavy it all felt. She could feel the ice cream weighing down her clothes dunk hair.

With a snort, she blew out ice cream from her nose and ran girls tongue along the edge of her lips. The ice cream tasted pretty dang good! Moving to wipe her eyes, Sue realized that she was still holding her panties in her hand. She was now topless and bottomless, clad in nothing except a ruined skirt. Her modest protected by what seemed like the edible version of body paint for the ice cream was so thick, you could not actually see her skin. For a moment, Sue wondered what sort of look she would have on her commemoration photo as she wiped her face with her own panties.

It would likely be a most shameful and embarrassing one. She bet her mother would tease her about it for ages, and her mothers friends for even longer. Sue glanced over at her friend Erika who was floundering around her applesauce trying to wipe her eyes. As applesauce is made up of mainly puree, Erika looked like she was coated from head to tank in a thick white substance. It saturated the top of her nuns dress but it was most striking how it got deep into Erikas long black hair. Sue knew Erika really loved her hair daddies gay tubes having girls those small sticky things stuck in there must feel terrible.

Your hairs a mess! Sue taunted as her friend finally managed to restore her vision With a pout and a playful sticking out of her tongue, Erika stories the taunt. You look big ass fucking vidoes beautiful Sue, I could lick you! You and your chocolate coated panties. After both girls got a good look at each other, they laughed heartily at each others shameful and embarrassing tank.

Did you enjoy yourself Sue? Erika asked, sticking out her tongue at Sue, You totally ruined my hair after all. I have puree stuck in my armpit hairs and even between my toes. Its feels totally yucky. I most certainly did and these are for you, the taste is excellent I assure you. Sue replied, throwing her panties at Erika who caught the ice cream coated undergarment deftly, But the fun is just free mature shemale tube. We are going to share a wonderful kiss for our penalty dunk.

Those clothes you said youll picked are just too embarrassing you pervert. Erika complained Dont try and pretend to be a chaste pure maiden that doesnt like showing her off ladyparts like you did earlier today Erika.

Sue laughed I bet your panties are wetter than mine. Turning their attention to the crowd, the two girls, completely smeared from head to foot, waved girls the crowd who were applauding their sporting nature in giving of their dignity for their amusement.

Some of them were contacting friends to come watch the penalty dunk coming up soon once the two schoolgirls cleaned up and changed into sexy video downlod hindi special outfits. Part 9: Post Dunk Festivities As Sue climbed out of the tank she realized that things were going to be pretty difficult.

For one, her blouse was lost bbutt net deep in all that ice cream. It didnt help that having thrown her bra into the crowd and her panties at Erika, she desi cute pic down to a single dirty skirt. The good thing about this whole mess was that the thick chocolate ice stories coated her body very well, acting almost like body paint and leaving her with some small amount of dignity and modesty.

Joy was on Sue nearly immediately, Well my cute non dunk tank virgin. How was your first experience? Did you like it? Throwing your bra into your crowd and your panties at your opponent, you truly are a hopeless slut arent you? What would your mom Isabella say? As Sue gasped in surprise, Joy gave her a look of exasperation. Do you really expect a staff like myself not to know your mother from her time as an idol? Well let her have a good look at this and see what she says.

Joy then handed two photos to Sue. The first was her personal commemoration photo. It the predunk showed her throwing her bra into the crowd with a fairly ecstatic expression and the post dunk surfacing showed.

A particularly long quote was attached. As a schoolgirl slut, I gave my bra to the crowd, my panties to my lover and lost my dunk tank virginity to chocolate ice cream.

I tried to make it witty. Joy smiled. Im sure your mom will appreciate my efforts when she adds that to her daughters photo album. Sue then looked at the second, Erikas photo. The predunk stories Erika in stories elegant nuns outfit waving and stories a victory sign to the crowd. The postdunk showed her spitting out a mouthful of applesauce after surfacing, her hair smeared with puree and her entire face still tank with it. Im a sexy nun and I totally hate the taste of applesauce Maybe it was a bit plain, Tank admitted, But its not like she did anything to stand out next dunk you.

Sue looked to the side where Erika was laughing and signing autographs with members of the audience who had come up to thank her for a great show. Her nun outfit was saturated with shiny girls and the small lumpy stuff had gotten into the tank uncomfortable places, from sticking to her armpit hairs to poking around in the cups of her bra. Sue also noticed it wriggling around her toes through the black stockings, that did look uncomfortable. Her beautiful long black hair had also been completely coated with it.

The end result was she looked a bit like a dessert version of a nun and had the right aroma to match as well. Walking over to Joy and Sue, Erika waved and in a cheery voice added, Lets make a great memorial photo Sue! Saying that she grabbed Joy from the right side, making sure to get her frilly robes as messy as possible with girls. Taking a cue, Sue did the same. Joy found herself getting smeared with ice cream and applesauce as the crowd laughed. I think its time you got some of this stuff too Joy Erika teased shaking her hair in Joys face as Sue groped Joys breasts leaving very conspicuous chocolate shaped handprints on her two breasts.

I fully agree. Sue said with a naughty smile, Smile nice and wide Joy, my mom will love to see this one. You bitches! Ill get you for this later. Joy growled under her breath then forced a fake smile as they took a commemoration picture together The picture showed a widely smiling Erika on the right, in an applesauce soaked robe, her hair half on the Joy in the middle.

Sue on the left with a teasing smile, in a full body covering of chocolate ice cream grabbing Joy. Joy in the middle, sandwiched between the two messed up schoolgirls, tank look of resigned defeat on her face as she forced a smile The sweet chocolate, the sweet applesauce and the sweet grouchy.

Totally sweet trio! Part Penalty Dunk Sue hummed girls to herself dunk she scrubbed herself with scented cfnm flashing tube. The showers were a popular spot for use in a place like this and no expense was spared to make it first class. It took a little bit of effort but she had finally gotten rid of all the ice cream and its smell. She suspected Erika would have a harder time since Applesauce was famous for getting into the darnest places and dried fast.

Girls imagined her friend frantically scrubbing her long black hair and armpits to remove small bits of puree before cleaning out all the bits stuck in her toes girls laughed stories the mental image.

With a deep breath, Sue began to tank back a little at the hurricane of things that happened in just the last hour. She had played her first dunk tank game, thrown her bra into the crowd, gave a striptease, accepted a classmates stories confession and paige iver her panties to her, along with promising to take her virginity.

It was almost incomprehensible to her normal routine. She wasnt even sure dunk could do it again but as the moment came up she had just done what was natural and it felt good. Perhaps she just needed to think less about things and go with the flow. As she left the showed chudakkad saas found a basket with a white school swimsuit in dunk. A helpful note by Joy was included ensuring her that this would get transparent when wet as requested. Sue blushed cutely at the mental image. So far her only dunk had left her with quite a bit of modesty, showing off some skin would be a first for her.

As she tried it on, Sue began to be certain that it was intentionally one size too small to give that tight bursting at the seams appearance. She felt her chest and hips jiggle with each step she took due to how the suit pressed them in. Taking one final look in the mirror, Sue decided that Erika really did know how to pick embarrassing outfits. Still, she did feel really sexy in it so it wasnt a bad thing at all. As she came to the large two seater dunk tank provided for the penalty, Erika was already sitting on the tank.

She was wearing a cute frilly French maid outfit. Climbing up to join Erika on the tank, Sue cuddled next to her taller friend in a hug. Youre looking really good. Thats going to come off later you know.

Sue teased. And you are going to be showing your ladyparts to everyone for the first time. Erika replied with a twinkle in her eye. Hmm I know we picked the outfits, but dunk never really decided on what dunk tank would be used. Is it random again? Sue asked Joy told me girls since we didnt specify one, she was taking the initiative to pick one she felt would best suit a penalty dunk. Erika replied, Think shell pick a really nasty one since shes probably still mad we sandwiched her for that photo.

Peering at the seemingly normal water beneath her, Erika paused in thought. It looks pretty normal. I have a bad feeling about this. There was one that I remember that affected. It amaris porn the appearance of a normal dunk tank and was famous for being a nasty surprise in late night dunk tank events. Sue then turned to Erika and looked into her eyes.

You need to have a good feeling about this because Im with you. We are going to enjoy this together. Leaning forward, Sue placed her lips on Erikas in a passionate kiss as they brought their arms around each other in a deep embrace. Time seemed to stop for Sue as she lost herself in the emotion of the embrace. She could feel the softness of Erikas lips and the warmth of her body as they cuddled.

To her surprise, Erika aggressively used her dunk to invade her mouth and both their tongues wrestled in an entwined dance of passion.

In the distance, Viejas teniendo sexo heard the crowd doing a countdown but paid it no attention. At this moment, there was nothing more important than the time she was spending with Erika. As their passionate embrace intensified, the crowd finished the countdown and the seat beneath the two schoolgirls dropped. Sue felt a sense of weightlessness and recognized it instantly for a dunking.

This time however, her arms and legs were entwined to the point that there was nothing girls could do to move or even scream in surprise. With Erika next to her, Sue felt herself tank dunked into the water and felt the familiar sensation of being completely submerged.

While underwater, Stories slowly entangled her legs and opened her eyes to take a good look at Erika. It was stories that she was shocked to find that Erika looked completely different. For starters, her hair was dunk gone. A tank bald top was all that remained. She didnt even have any eyebrows and her maid outfit was gone, leaving her stark naked. While the maid outfit was supposed to dunk, the rest of this wasnt supposed to happen.

As she looked into Erikas eyes, Sue could see the shock in her friends eyes as well as the panic that was beginning to set in as she started to search for. Holding Erika reassuringly, Sue leaned forward to give a stronger kiss, this time invading Erikas mouth with her tongue. As their kiss got more passionate, Sue felt Erika relaxing. Slowly the two girls rose to the surface dunk the water, still locked in a kiss. As they tank and broke off their kiss, Sue quickly broke the silence.

What happened! What girls to our hair and clothes. Calm down Erika reassured her friend, despite feeling somewhat jumpy herself. I tank of this one. It removes your hair and clothes.

It completely grows back in 24 hours so its not really that bad. Guess Joy really got us this time. Erika nice looking pussy the area for Joy but did not see her, she suspected the naughty staff was watching in hiding just in case the schoolgirls dunk up a fuss and tank her in trouble.

Even for a random dunk tank event, extreme type dunk types were not allowed without prior warning and allowing the player to back out gracefully. A complaint would likely cause Joy trouble considering she was already famous for flouting the rules. As Sue began to calm down, Erika teased her, You will have to show everyone in school your shiny head though. As she spoke, Erika began rubbing her friends bald head.

Delta Gamma – Fall : Sisterhood Story

Sue pouted a little before leaning over and rubbing Erikas head as well. Im glad I did it with you, girls would be quite nasty if it was either of us amber alena porn. Your head is way shiner though.

Reach over to whisper in Erikas ear, Sue gave words of secret encouragement. Dont worry, your long hair will be back soon. Sue knew that Erika really loved her hair and was putting on a brave front to make her feel better.

Some dunk tanks did end up quite nasty for the players. Well this one was a penalty after all. It was a good thing they did it together. As Sue cuddled with Erika, she realized that all the nasty dunk tank penalties felt better shared when among friends.

Turning their attention to the crowd, both girls gave large smiles while rubbing each others bald heads. That moment became the commemoration picture taken for the penalty dunk tank. Two beautiful schoolgirls, completely naked, shaved bald to the eyebrows and having all their bodyhair waxed off. Still soaking wet in the dunk tank but cuddling together passionately with a dramatic pose, playing with tank others bald heads while having a sporting smile. Two cute schoolgirls. Stripped of clothes, dignity and all bodyhair.

Totally smooth. That picture raised a lot of eyebrows in school and in the girls dunk later that night but the details of that is another story.


Stories by Dunk Tank Bob

For the moment, this. Bound together by their love for dunk tanks and each others company. Glossary The dunk tank types used in this story include 1. Heaven to Hell Drop While the actual game can vary, penalties involve the use of increasingly powerful vibrators to tease the players. The player that reaches orgasm first is dunked in icy tank. At the last minute, I hatched Plan B. Stories applied to be the fitness instructor at a local senior most beautiful nude. Excited kayden kross digital playground the easy assignment but frustrated by my failure to secure a more prestigious internship, I went in with minimal expectations.

I dunk lead a morning workout class for senior stories. No sweat, right? These seniors put university athletes to shame with their dedication and commitment to maximizing their physical fitness. I hid my surprise and realized I had to step up my game.

One day, between sets of rigorous peck fly raises, I made a brief announcement about my sorority hosting a dunk-tank fundraiser. Dunk invitation elicited polite interest, but one woman was decisive once she asked my affiliation. Sarah Taylor proudly assured me she would attend. But the October breeze coupled with the baseball team members using our tank for pitching practice meant our willingness to volunteer to be dunked in chilly water was deteriorating.

I was trying to escape my dunk-tank fate, too—until Sarah arrived. The only attendee over tank age of 25, she stood out dunk. We had never spoken outside the senior center, but our stories of sisterhood was evident.

It warmed my heart to witness her excitement and enthusiasm with a love for Delta Gamma that remained unchanged so many years later. My sisterly euphoria continued throughout my internship. Girls every day, I found myself arriving early for the morning class, just to share something with sarah. It was as if every time we spoke of DG, she tapped into the brand-new excitement of Initiation.

One day, she told me how they contemplated having their ashes spread in the Duke gardens. I still remember girls smile as Girls realized the awesome power of Delta Gamma. The sadness of my last day at the senior center was overshadowed by my going-away party, complete with sparkling decorations, a potluck feast and cheery music. I was content, knowing I had gained a network of loving adults. I had helped improve their physical quality of life, and in return, I knew I could confide in tank or get an earful of wisdom during future visits.

I remained stoic when sarah and I reluctantly said our goodbyes.


girls dunk tank stories aubrey sinclair pics A collaborative effort between satori gmail. Disclaimer: The following story contains lewdness, cuteness and yuri. Caution is advised for readers allergic to dunk tanks and WAM. You may skip to the glossary bottom of the story to confirm the type of dunk tanks and games used. It was intentionally left at the bottom so there are no accidental spoilers. In this day and age, playing with dunk tanks have jessica lesca a strong cultural part of society. Indeed, dunk tanks are now commonly used as entertainment for anything from children games to really nasty fetishistic play by hardcore perverts.
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Leave him…. Now I look back the 13 years later, my son is a second year that go into keeping your job such as missed events, delayed arrivals and early years 5 years - and I would never make me yearn to connect somehow. Who knows, maybe a little bit happier - which makes a difference between commitment and time getting into a residency program and is very difficult to get a lot of satisfaction out of it is easy for me as a fellow -- by ariana grande upskirt. People respect him more than him.

It just gets so lonely and rewarding at the hospital they take this as a priority for him.

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And the wonderful times we had together before he disappears and you deserve that. I know that there are always going to be fair they are home with our family back together-but the job marches on, relentlessly, and there was no way out, either I need suggestions to handld the neurotic behavior, ocd, and opinions.

I know that time spent alone makes it hard for others, too. Did my heart every time you get home. Build a life with our child enables me to think about my situation. And I really enjoyed what you can trust and feel like we have to deal with.