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Although the post was soon deleted, Chen followed up with two other updates written in Chinese. In the second message, Chen said: "Why did I scold her? She knows why, I warned her before.

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You guys should ask her! Thank you for your co-operation. You may say I am in the wrong, but I feel she is more in the wrong". The message was clear - Edison Chen has publicly declared war with Lin Chi-ling. One of the more popular theories reported by Hong Kong media seems to be that Lin had probably offended a close friend of model Qin Shupei, who is rumoured to be dating Chen. Others think that the dispute is business-related, and some have also speculated that Lin had offended him by rejecting him. Whatever the reason, Chen seems unwilling to divulge any retro pussy information at this point.

When contacted by Hong Kong media, Lin's personal assistant said that the star was not sure why Chen was angry with her.

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Lin reportedly also said that she did not know Chen on a personal basis. He has yet to respond to her comments, but we're guessing the opinionated bad boy is not going to let this one rest so easily. This story was originally published on AsiaOne. Edison Chen and supermodel Shupei Qin respond to cheating allegations. Edison Chen opens up about his sex scandal from 8 years ago. Edison Chen apologises. Kris Wu embroiled in a sex scandal but won't suffer same fate as Edison Chen.

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She said she had been involved in the Vegas show with Tsang and actor Jordan Chan. One day, she got a call for help from Lin's manager, who had also called Chiu, better known as Big Sister Kwan. Chen said: "In the end, Big Sister Kwan resolved the matter. Afterwards, Chiling Lin even helped me do a show as an award presenter. The newspaper, citing unnamed sources, said it was a Chinese tycoon who had tried to meet Lin through Tai.

He also apologised, saying he had not known the middleman would try to imprison the model. Reached by Want Weekly, Lin's agency said: "We have never known this person surnamed Tai, and never come into contact amrita rao sexy pics her.

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You should talk to the people who were there then. Chia's grandfather was a colonel and his father was an officer in charge of weapons development, said the Taiwan edition of Apple Daily. Chia's brother is now with an American technology company, said the newspaper.

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lin chi ling nude photos glamour lesbian porn Images: AsiaOne screengrabs. Hong Kong celebrity Edison Chen is not known for being polite, but his latest rant on Wednesday July 27 was shocking enough to set tongues wagging. The Chinese entertainment industry is abuzz once more after Chen went on a tirade against Taiwanese model Lin Chi-ling via his Weibo account. He also insinuated that Lin did not become a celebrity based on talent, calling her a "trick" instead. Although the post was soon deleted, Chen followed up with two other updates written in Chinese. In the second message, Chen said: "Why did I scold her?
lin chi ling nude photos the falpening A Taiwanese magazine says it has dug up the story of tube dress tumblr Chiling Lin's connection to a woman who runs an international prostitution ring. Lin was set up by the woman, Tai Chun-yi, to attend a dinner with a businessman in Las Vegas inbut narrowly escaped under the escort of more than 20 gun-toting men summoned by a senior member of the Taiwan-based gang, the United Bamboo, said Want Weekly. Lin had asked pop queen Faye Wong's former agent Chiu Li-kwan for help, and it was Chiu who, through her friends, got in touch with the United Bamboo's "Big Brother Shun", said the magazine. Lin was named last week in a report that said Tai had A-list celebrities working for her. The model has vehemently denied the story.
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