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She has amazing, substantial in-ring ability, and as stated by the previous editor, she has a beautiful ass. That Mickie James is one spunky mamacita. Mickie James is a Wrestler at Raw who follows Trish like shes her shadow she bothers her nags her and pesterizes her. Mickie does all kind of pesterizing stuff like kissing trish under the missletoe and that bathroom gig. If she don't back off sumthins gonna happen to her. Mickie James- Pesterizing. James has opened for major country music acts like Rascal Flatts and Gretchen Wilson.

10 Sexiest WWE Kisses That Got Your Heart Pumping

She even performed a live version of her hit single "Hardcore Country" during a TNA television taping. It's fair to say that Mickie James is a very talented woman. However, the fact that she's one of the most beautiful women in all of pro wrestling, certainly shouldn't be overlooked.

She recently returned to WWE for her second tour of duty and looks better than ever. James has always been and still is in excellent shape and another title run doesn't seem out of the question.

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However, you don't need to take my word for it. Instead, let's take at 15 of the hottest Mickie James photos on planet Earth! Mickie James is so hot in this photo; she can lie down next to running water and still not get wet. To say this bikini is "figure flattering", would most certainly be an understatement. It's nice to see someone who works so hard, get a chance to relax a bit. With photos such as this one, it's easy to see how James has developed such a loyal male fan base.

Fun Fact: James is a big time animal lover.

Mickie James Kisses Trish Stratus | Mickie james, Trish stratus, Wwe tna

The wrestling starlet owns 3 horses and 2 dogs. She's gone on record as saying that once her wrestling career is over, she plans to buy a farm and train horses. It seem's that her country girl persona isn't just a clever wrestling gimmick.

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Mickie James truly is, "Hardcore Country". I think she may have forgotten to put something on. I got it! She forgot her hat.


Seriously, this photo couldn't be any hotter. It goes to show that sometimes a vest is all you really need. It also clearly shows that Mickie James doesn't neglect her legs when she's spending time in the gym.

The nasty looking door can't even diminish this sexy shot. Fun Fact: When she first got started in the wrestling business, James struggled financially. She worked as a server for the restaurant chain, Olive Garden. It's not unusual for wrestlers to struggle with money on the independent scene.

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It's good to see that James was able to get through those trying times and become a star in the pro wrestling business. If a tiger was actually killed to make this bathing suit, he should know that his sacrifice was not in vain we do not condone animal hunting, FYI. Her smile is nothing short of infectious.


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mickey james hot kisses indian se clips Top definition. The rarest of the rare, a WWE diva that is both hot and can wrestle. Has a super nice, thick, ghetto ass. Mickie James is awesome. Did you see that girl's ass?
mickey james hot kisses milf love big Mickie James is one the most accomplished female wrestlers in recent history. Her natural charisma and ability to perform in the ring, have earned the Virginia native the admiration of fans across the globe. However, wrestling isn't this talented diva's only passion. The WWE star also has a budding career in country music. James has opened for major country music acts like Rascal Flatts and Gretchen Wilson. She even performed a live version of her hit single "Hardcore Country" during a TNA television taping.
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