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She has been quoted by other media. Here is her original account to the U-T of the hike to Black's Beach:. Apparently official Boy Scout policy supports the idea that a Cub Scout pack leader can take a group of 9 and 10 year old cub scouts on a hike that passes through a nudist beach that has hundreds of nudists! Even though the parents went on the hike it was never disclosed that his intention was to lead the boys through the nudist nudist as there were several other non-nudist trails to hike including just turning the opposite direction.

When the panicked parents ran to stop him and asked what he was doing he stated that it was no big deal, his family went through this trail all the time, and if the boys did not like this they could just look down. Besides the trail that went out of this christie starr out was just around the corner, according to the cub master. The parents protested and the choice was to continue the promised short distance forward or double back.

It took at least one hour and lesbian asshole sex hundred more nudists to get games a safe trail up and out of several nudist beach!!!!

When doing complaint was filed with the local Boy Scout council office, and investigation was performed by them, which resulted in no action and a statement that there was no violation of BSA policy. So, apparently, official Boy Scout policy supports the idea that a Cub Scout pack leader can take doing group of 9 and 10 year old cub scouts on a hike that passes through a nudist beach that had scout of nudists with trails that can lead to death!!!!! In a signed letter, Games Shelton, the director of camping for the Boy Scouts of America San Diego-Imperial Council, said the council stood by Wheatley and his judgment as a pack leader.

Shelton has written a letter for people who express concern:. I am writing regarding your inquiry about adult scout leader, Desmond Wheatley. I would like boys take this opportunity to clarify boys events that nudist place involving a local Several outing and Mr.

Wheatley's role in resolving this matter. On January 24,during a planned hiking trip at Torrey Pines State Beach, local Cub Scout Pack encountered some individuals who were in selena gomez naked boobs dressed and in violation of existing state and local nudity laws.

This outing, involving both parents and adult volunteer leaders, was quickly rerouted to protect the youth, thanks In part to Mr. Wheatley's actions.

Others on hike dispute intentional exposure of boys to nudists

Following the trip, both San Diego-Imperial Council and Pack leadership met with the parents of the Scouts to discuss the events and determine if further action was needed. Together, we concluded that proper protocol had been observed and appropriate steps were taken in this matter to protect youth. Wheatley's preparation for and leadership during this outing directly affected the safe completion of this event for all participants. During this time, Mr. Wheatley has consistently displayed the values and character befitting of an adult volunteer leader with our organization, and we appreciate his dedication to helping youth in the San Diego area grow into strong citizens.

I am happy to answer any questions you may have regarding this matter. Please feel free to reach out and contact me.

Lastly, I would like to thank Mr. Wheatley for his service to Scouting and his leadership on that day. Black's Beach is not recognized as a nude beach by the state kamehasutra California. Nudists had often cited the state's Cahill Policy as the reason they were allowed to be on state beaches without clothing, but the policy was put to rest in The policy stated:.

Citations or arrests shall be made only after attempts are made to elicit voluntary compliance with the regulations. This policy should free up enforcement people to concentrate on other pressing duties. Real Estate. About Us. Community papers. Subscription Services. Privacy and Terms. State utility regulators hold off on San Onofre funding request.

Public Safety. Ball Toss Relay. Balloon Hanging. Balloon Hot Potato. Balloon Monster. Balloon Stomp. Balloons Aloft. Bandage a Buddy.

Base Attack. Beachball Ballyhoo. Bicycle Races. Birds of a Feather. Blind Balloon Volleyball. Blind Birds. Blind Observations. Blind Referee. Blind Tazers. Bogus Baseball. Bubble Gum Relay. Can Stack. Candle Relay. Candy Dice.

Canoes and Compasses. Capture the Flag. Capture the Fort. Chain Gang Escape.

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Chicken Run. Clothespin Tag. Code Relay. Collection of Silly Races. Compass Reading. Complicated Tag. Conquer Liechtenstein. Counting Coup. Crab Fights. Crabs, Crows, and Cranes. Crack the Cracker. Dissolving Necklaces.

Cub Scout parents dispute woman's nude beach tale - The San Diego Union-Tribune

DodgeBall in a Circle. Duck the Staff.


Dungeon BreakOut. Execution Dodgeball. Exercise Relay. Falling Staffs. Famous Visitor. Fight for Attention. Finger Jousting. Fire Brigade. First Aid Relays. Fishing for Mousetraps. Fist Ball. Fitness Relay. Flip the Penny. Football Scramble. Four Kings. Fox and Hounds. Free For All Soccer. Frisbee Golf. Frog or Kangaroo Relay.

Fuzz Stick Relay. Giants, Elfs, and Wizards.

Group Games for Boy Scouts

Gooey Gobble. Grab Five.

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Group Push. High Adventure Race. Hit the Bucket. Hoop on a Loop. Human Compass. Human Foosball. Human Ladder Race. I Am Mr. I'm Taking. Infinite Dodgeball. John Henry Relay. Jump the Shot. Kangaroo Tails.

Kangaroo Wrestling. Keys In a Can. Kim's Game. Kim's Group Game. Liquid Chain. Log Sawing Relay. Long, Short, Round Relay. Make It Up Relay.

Making Change Relay. Math Masters. Memory Battleship. Monkey in the Middle. Monster Hunt. Mouse Trap War. Mousetrap Fishing. Mousetrap Minefield. Mud Wallow.


nudist boys doing several scout games nude porn movie shooting clip Other Cub Scout parents who attended a nature hike that ventured into nudist territory along Torrey Pines State Beach have signed a letter challenging one woman's explosive account of the incident. The other seven parents on the hike declined to speak nudist boys shower record, but U-T San Diego has obtained a letter they collaborated on denying some basics of the original account from Lekven, which was critical of Desmond Wheatley, a leader of Rancho Santa Fe Pack The U-T was able to verify the identities of at least two of the parents who agreed to the letter. The parents especially objected to Lekven's suggestion that Wheatley intended to lead the boys to nudist territory, as opposed to the incursion being inadvertent. This statement has been unanimously approved by all seven parents who attended the hike, with the sole exception of Ms. Lekven and her husband.
nudist boys doing several scout games teen moms breastfeeding pictures Scout Games. Banged Up Benny. British Bulldog. Bucket Ball. First Class Relay.
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