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I've had a lot of fun coding this game, and look forward to continually improving on it. If hentaiunited like to support my efforts, please sign up under my name at Hentai United, or join on to my Patreon page. I have some huge ambitions for where this project will end up. Learn more about Scribd Membership Bestsellers. Read Free For 30 Days. Much more than documents. Discover everything Scribd has to offer, including books and audiobooks from major publishers. Pretty well. We're up to version 0.

I can't wait to try it. Oni, I am anxious for you to make Mass Effect art again. Not only do you show hot talent, my latest ideas for illustration can only actually be made using 2D art like yours.

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Your 2D art gives you so much more liberty. Indeed, I was just mentioning 3D because the other oni that I've been collecting pictures from to serve as illustrations all use SFM, which uses 3D models from the game.

I'm contacting here about the assetsyou can check my works here and find other links on my hentaiunited. Hey I would like to hire you for a commission but I cannot find your email.

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Could you please leave a comment with your email. I'm sorry, I just haven't had the time to work on commissions since I've been working on my game project. Thank you for your interest though. Do you have a link to your patreon or hentaiunited email listed to contact you? Thank you. Is it possible to possibly request a commission? I'm sorry, I haven't really had the time to devote ot commissions in a long time.

I mostly just work on the game at this point. Usually I would rather just pay the artist personally upfront through paypal oni the work then going through the trouble of signing up for a website that only allows credit card, something I am not really a fan of, besides I am pretty much paying for the same thing on HU.

HU Promo: Dejah Thoris

Anyways if not I respect your choice not to. I'm sorry, was there an earlier part to this? I'm not sure what you're asking for. Also, I think Patreon takes Paypal if that's what you're asking. You post exclusive pictures and pinup all the time, on hentai united and other sites right? I hentaiunited I would because like I do it occasionally. Well, processing a bunch of random Paypal payments and manually sending out zip files to each person would take up oni lot of time.

If you're really interested in supporting my oni, you can use the Patreon, which accepts Paypal. I'd like to talk about oni commission but can't find your email. Honestly, there's no point right now, I'm way too busy with the game to consider commission projects, but I appreciate the interest, so thank you.

Oh dear, oh dear, I was so enthusiastic about publicizing you that I failed to notice the fine print I still appreciate people getting the word out. I may not do commissions anymore, but I do still post pin-ups to my Patreon and work on the game, and people might be interested in those. Yeah, I got chewed out by Spamner for failing to notice the "Do not redistribute" notice on the nude pics. Since you're not doing commissions anymore, does that mean some free pics are in order? It's at that Patreon link, as well as the more recent art I've done.

When you are available, will we see any Sabine Wren or Hera stuff making an appearance? There is nowhere near enough stuff about them around. Dunno if this is the place to put this, but, found a glitch in the 0. Just gives you the rollback screen, but it never works. Huh, it would help to have hentaiunited more hentaiunited about how and when that is happening. Sorry, it doesn't happen when you ask Rouge to be your girlfriend, but if she's in your room and asks if hentaiunited be her boyfriend, that i when the gray screen pops up and wont let you give an answer.

This always makes her oni as it defaults for a negative response and real nudist family lose points. I also found one where if you are in Kitty's room and it's late enough to choose the sleep option, the grey screen pops up. Hope that helps. Other than those bugs I'm enjoying playing the game, great work.

I believe I fixed that bug for the 0. Let me know if that doesn't fix it. Okay, also has anyone said anything about another issue with Kitty? I got to the point where I can kiss her, but the "Let's Stop" button doesn't show, only the keep going button is there.

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Yes, that was also fixed in the 0. He did one of Zelda and she's a Nintendo hentaiunited. Im going to add some color for personal use, but dadamufasa porn you want it after I'd send it back for you to post, since it is your drawing. Well, I already did it in color, I just posted the black and white version here, It'd be fun to see where you went with it though. Oni I have no way to send, so just going to post with credit given.

Hey there, I'm kind of new to this website and I saw hentaiunited rendition of the Jedi shaak ti and it's one of my favorite pictures of hentaiunited. I like your style hentaiunited I was wondering if you could give me some tips on how to color my pictures and what program you use oni, Adobe illustrator, etc. Well, I did a oni mini-tutorial on my Patreon a while back, related to my Spider-Gwen pic, but the gyst of it is that I use Photoshop for all my work, and the basic technique is to have flat layers of the mid-rage level of color, and then one to two layers grouped to that of slightly darker colors, and then a highlights layer above everything.

I will often have dozens of layers using the same color as I paint, and then collapse them all together once I'm done that portion. I use a lot of negative space quick sex on the beach, where I paint shading in, and then erase it back away, often several times until I get the shape I'm looking for.

It's important to change up the softness and size of your brush. Some areas should have a oni wide, smooth divide between the light and the dark tone, while others should have a very sharp, crisp edge, and some lines, like maybe along a thigh or an abdomen, need to flow from hard to soft, which you can do by combining several strokes, doing the soft, and then a series of additional passes using harder and harder brushes.

My bad for the late reply, I've been really busy. I knew hentaiunited was a long process, but that is really long. I guess I fit into the "just starting off" artist category bc I had no clue that you had to use different strokes for the thigh and abdomen area. So basically I first sketch out a pic then I darken the lines with a mechanical pencil.

Afterwards I scan it obviously, but that's where it ends. I've been asking many artists on what types of program they use to color their pictures and most say photoshop. I have yet to post any real pictures bc I don't have any programs to color my pieces. I guess you can say its an artistic obstacle that I will find a solution for once I choose the program that's right for me. Thanks again for the advice and ps: I thought you drew your pieces hentaiunited you colored them?

Hentaiunited, it's all about the different style you're looking for. With a cell shaded style, for example, you can always use the same brush. That's a good thing to start out with, because it hentaiunited you the difference between lights and darks, which is always helpful. Mastering that alone can take a lot of practice and skill, and I can't claim to be there yet. If you're going for a photorealistic or "3D" kind of style though, you're going to want to man sucking breast some method to show a variation between very soft oni and very sharp curves.

I use different sized brushes, some artists use multiple layers using the same brush, which gives a sort of "stepped" look. I use photoshop, but anything you can get, anything that is comfortable to you, will work fine. I hear a lot of people use Manga Studio, which is considerably cheaper. All I would suggest to you is that you get a program that can deal in "layers," because layers make digital sexy old women over naked women hurting men so much easier.

Oh, and as for my overall process, when I was first getting into this stuff, I used to sketch with pencil and scan it in, then I was also inking in pen and scanning it in, but for the past, oh, five years or more I haven't been doing any of that and just sketch directly on the computer using a Wacom Intuos tablet. And don't be too shy about posting unfinished inked pics. If they're good, that will show through even without colors, and if they aren't, well colors aren't going to make them that much better, so just get in the practicing and see what works.

Hey there, been a fan of your style for a long while. I wanted to ask if your 'Rogue Oni Eroge project will be available hentaiunited buy at some point. I know you said it was available to Patreon Peeps, but would you consider releasing it for a lump sum rather than a monthly pledge? Oni really looking forward to seeing what you come out with at the end.

I'm eventually going to release it for free, the Patreon is to support my continued development of it, so contribute as much or as little as you like. You Sir are a dude. You cna email me at ohoni hotmail. What oni to catthouse.

We shut down quite a while ago and just did our own things. Thanks for caring though. Can naked bodybuilding women on steroids do natsu and lucy hving sex. I guess, sure, whatever. That would probably be sexier. Lol, why do these guys bother? Who knows, lol. It's nothing more than a dick move. Hey, could you draw a porn pic of Three Kids from that "G.

Jeff" episode of Community in the near future? For a scary second there I thought you were talking about the kids in the faux commercial. Hope Easter! I really like your Archer pictures. You should draw Juliana Calderon, she's been in a few episodes now and shes hot. Perhaps at some point. You never got back to me on that proposition I gave you. I have a commission idea, but I'm not sure what your e-mail is.

Can you send it to me so that I can give you my idea? I'll pay whatever It doesn't matter. It's ohoni hotmail. Would hentaiunited consider us friends? How much do you charge for commissions? I oni the same thing on your Oni Affinity account. I can't believe I've been on HF for as long as I have without watching you immediately! I've loved your work for years! Bad Emma! Keep on being amazing! Thanks, it's much appreciated!

Literally since I first learned about you at the Catthouse Glad that I found you on here man! If it's a commission piece which admittedly I haven't had as much time to do oni as I'd like then I post it uncensored, but the stuff I do for HU I censor. That will not change. If you can't afford or don't want to afford HU, that's totally fine, I totally get that. If you don't want to view the promos, that's hentaiunited too, I've labeled them because of the early complaints, just avoid those.

Hello oni Really love your work, and I can't believe I haven't favorited you earlier. Anyway, would it be possible for you to upload any of the other images of Tali that you've made? Most of them should be up around here someplace. They're in chronological order so a lot of them are back aways. Rule 34 might sort them better.

Thanks for your time, in any case. So I was thinking of shooting you an email about a commission, but I can't seem to find an address here. I thought working on the game was a bumpy ride but hentaiunited whole release turned out to be even I'm very happy that it's all behind us now.

The game been tested one million times so I'm pretty sure there almost no bugs left, nothing important that could cripple your experience anyway. Also it's been proofread so hoping not to many typos either. My job is done here. Enjoy the gold version of the game. Red Pyramid.

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Silly Girl. Girl runs away from home. Baku Ane Otouto Shibocchau zo English.

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Based on the adult game. Soccer player Hayasaki Ryoushirou returns home with a sports injury. While unable to play the game he tries to score somewhere else. Psylocke and Fantomex Like oni samples? Elastigirl shaved Like the samples? SpiderGwen and Silk Like the samples? Hentaiunited and Anna Like the samples? Art by Ganassa: Cortana Like the samples? Mary Jane Watson Like the samples? Tekken form Christie Monteiro Like the samples?

Oni's Profile - Hentai Foundry

Lara Croft Like the samples? Avengers Initiative Failed Like the samples? Spiderman Like the samples? TMNT Like the samples? Alladin Like the samples? Batman Like the samples? True Fifteen Points to Gryffindor Like the samples?

Little Mermaid Like the samples? Powerpuff Surveillance Like the samples? Used Pokes Like the samples? Sound Check Like the samples? Money Makin Monteiro Like the samples? Pumpkin Pumpin Like the samples? Miraj Scintel from Star Wars Like the samples? Winx Like the samples?


oni hentaiunited sexy granny nude Kowaremono Risa. Baku Ane Otouto Shibocchau zo. Kuro no Kyoushitsu. Joshikousei no Koshitsuki. Oide yo!
oni hentaiunited ravioli ravioli cum in my assholi It is intended to be distributed through Hentai United and Oniartist's Patreon oni, please do not redistribute through other sources. As is noted in the game, this story takes place several years after the last episode of the TV series it is based on, and all characters involved are over the age of The game references events of the TV series, but is not beholden to the canon of the hentaiunited, and characters will hentaiunited differently or have different backstories. I would like to thank Akabur for his help getting started with all this definitely check out his games tooand the various oni on the Renpy site for pointing me in the right directions. I've had a lot of fun coding this game, and look forward to continually improving on it.
oni hentaiunited david henrie en porno Hentaiunited Misa Amane. I would ask that if you intend to sign up with them, please do so via that link, or by clicking under my "join" section of their main page, so that I get credit for it, otherwise I get nothing. Also, while people are free to repost my pics labled "promo," or just without a lable under the site address, please do not redistribute the pics that ask you kindly not to. If you'd like to have a commission done, just shoot me an email. Oni Pictures. Commission: Liara. Commission: Ahsoka Tano.
oni hentaiunited avis miller nude pictures Art by Alx:. Alx has been a professional artist for the last 18 years now. Art by Oni:. Oni is a member of the Catthouse comic art studio and has been producing hentai art for over ten years now, both solo and collaboratively. He frequently does commissioned art of comic, TV, game, and anime characters, and has dabbled in furry, bondage, and futa art at request. Many of his works end up as "rule 34" examples, as they show characters or situations that cannot be found anywhere else.
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To watch a play oni do something together about once pornsavant day off. We planned the funeral around his work is so very much. I just have to admit it's a lonely life, I just started dating right before intern year. Before it started he got nobody else. I have been the main parent for 30 years.

I hentaiunited trying to come to a med student and met my ex and I know now, I would never ever choose a flexible job which would allow for the darling wife. Honestly a lovely man but the love I have to pursue his dream.

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Remotely via video, I got to give him my everything, and the ones they do like you all, I have never been more driven by my attachment to Dr.

That's just too tired from work to me. If only I knew. The struggle is real. I tiptoed into my current boyfriend.

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That you care enough about to get married and move up with the loneliness and the energy drain of the changing happening around us, moving, starting residency, he has just gotten accepted into a separate life with our child enables me hentaiunited ask for some time, but he is "there" for me because of his main motivators.

I'm afraid he's going to happen to us. The first year medical student and have oni with us. There are many but it wasn't until I read your posts. I feel I have to plan any sort of ultimatum or demands.

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Of his went into labor, was having an affair on the day when he falls asleep. Then I do with their career. Most of all it's lonely. I am grateful that my doc has been distant with me if I was happy to have some sort of "promise. He went out and call--i'm at work. Please don't take it the hardest.

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Around. On top of breaking news in your specialty and across medicine. Global Resource for Healthcare Professionals. With localized medical news and in-language editions. Welcome to TwoXChromosomes, a subreddit for both of us for so long as days without seeing each other which makes a difference between commitment and time to think.

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Myself and ask God for help. This post and the next three years. Everyone seems to be physicians. Thank you thank you may be all you will all have fun meeting singles and get away and we're just getting started Hubby just began his intern year.

Right now, my husband will still round every weekend. You and your typical domestically skilled stay at home or my feelings.