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I was contemplating where to go next.

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Dude spying amateur model shooting 1 year ago PervClips. Dude spies blonde in underwear then fucks her 3 years ago PervClips. It is pretty disgusting and untznius behaviour. Thu, Aug 16am It may have nothing to teens with tznius--the kid could be casing the joint for easily-snatched peeping.

Thu, Aug 16am What do you mean by peeping exactly? I mean, if your shades are open it's pretty much an invitation to see inside. Then threesome tape, there's a difference between glancing and staring. Also depends where you live. For example, in Brooklyn where the houses are so close together, its almost impossible to avoid seeing into a neighbors house when the shades are open. In more spread out areas it takes considerably more effort.

Thu, Aug 16am I'm confused. YOu keep your shades open while you're getting dressed? Thu, Aug tomam Quote:. I'm confused.

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Thu, Aug 16am Hm. That, to me, is the definition of a peeping Tom. It would be weird to me -- why would he want to watch a neighbor tidying up? But not a big deal, I think. Thu, Aug 16pm It is against halacha to look in someone's house.

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People have a habit of peering into my house though the open windows looking for us. I also had a one inch space between the bottom of my door and a window with a shade about 40 inches off the floor. My husband put a piece of masking tape across it because I got upset when people would knock and just peer in. I would see a pair of eyes when I went to the door. These people are not perverts. They lack etiquette.


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