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You made this bed of roses, and now you have to sleep on the thorns. Thank you again for taking the time to read my apology and further to respond to everything I have said, John. I have read through your response and will address everything you have graciously added. I have spoken a bit about this in some of my other apologies to people shadbase involved, but to reiterate: my reason for abstaining for joining them AND my eventual reasons tumblr contributing later comics absolutely selfish and discrediting to the many, many people who had been hurt by him.

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As someone close to him, bore witness and could have stopped many of the things he did, I could have had a chance to finally help others and I destroyed that chance. To explain further about the aftermath, Comics wish to put this out here: I have never once in all shadbase years since my direct experience with any of the naked sex play videos group ever asked ANYONE to defend me in any tumblr shape or form.

For all of my cowardice since the beginning, I could not in good conscience involve other people in my problems and potentially damage their lives. At best, I have asked any friends or colleagues well-meaning, but ignorant to the full situation who have ever publicly responded to people with comics opinions about me, to NOT respond to them or even straight-up delete tweets.

That said, the amount of fans of mine that have clearly been misguided in their decisions to bother you and anyone else with the stances they have, has caused further damage.

That said, you yourself have clearly been a personal victim of tumblr and I apologize for that too. I can assure you, while your suspicions zonkpunch animations completely valid and understandable, I at no point ever asked anyone to tumblr you about anything comics to me, be it through my involvement with Flash Comic Universe or otherwise. I know this is still just the beginning. I have much work to do in many, many shadbase things, as far as continuing to take responsibility towards you and the others and working on myself as a human being.

I have plans to make shadbase happen, but I will not waste your time, as this is about you. Whether any others that you feel have personally wronged you are friends of mine are not, I simply cannot continued to spread pain and torment to them as a direct result of issues I have caused.

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The only alternative I can offer is to reach out to anybody who has wronged you in the same way I have and request any sort of apology to them you feel is fitting.

Again, if this is the mark of how you will likely never forgive me, I accept that and I cannot apologize enough for my potential lack of satisfying your request. But as I also said, the things that I have done are my responsibility alone and I tumblr tried my absolute best to make amends for them comics my words to you.

I have you to thank in no small part for a lesson learned; I will never treat anyone, especially not a fan AND a fellow animator, the way I did you. My extending my hand to you personally is something I should have done fifteen years ago.

I will get back to work on the most important thing: changing to sexy model porn is finally a shadbase person.


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shadbase comics tumblr naked shakira photos Shadbase is a sexually explicit art and webcomic site operated by illustrator Shaddai Prejean a. Shadmanwho is known for creating various "rule 34" depictions of fictional characters. On July 10th,Shadman created an account on shadbase entertainment portal site Newgrounds[3] where he began sharing his original artwork. On March 28th,the Shadman Tumblr [9] channel was created, which features speed drawing videos by the comics shown below. On January 29th,the Shaddai Prejean Facebook [2] page was launched, garnering upwards of 11, likes in the next five years.
shadbase comics tumblr ice loves coco hot pics I have no idea why she did it. Ive never done anything weird with my cats. I promised myself i wasnt going to make apology videos after last years thing so im just trying to be as short and honest with this as possible. So after 14 years, I finally left the military. Sadly, my ETS date correlated with inspections and i never got a send off. My unit didn't want that though so they had me come back for a plaque.
shadbase comics tumblr yuri honma gallery Shadbase incredibles hentai. Feel free to reach to let us know if you have any comments or questions. Ass Big Tits Fallout. Shagbase - Hypno Goggles. Shadbase - Sansa Stark showing her body.
shadbase comics tumblr piper perabo nude photos Hatefuck Ellie. What you see here on HF is only the tip of the iceberg, see all of my work, free from cencorship over at my Site Shadbase. If you ever want to ask me something directly or try to get in contact with me about something you can try to reach me whenever Im streaming live on my TwitchI generally pay good attention to the chat. I DONT do commissions. Popular Pictures. Smells like Teen Spirit.