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Her thighs pressed together as something heated up between them, hidden beneath plain white panties and the pretty little dress. Shanti found her feet taking slow shambling steps forwards, following the eyes and tail that guided her as the corners of her mouth curled upwards and her nipples poked at her dress. The conniving snake lured the girl to a small rock, where upon a glimpse of moonlight shone.

As she stepped on to it, Kaa took a close look at his current guest. The moon's illumination caused the girl-cub's mindless grin to look even more adorable and desirable then before.

What's more, Kaa could see the effect his hypnosis was leaving on the rest of her body.

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Her legs pressed together, portions of the dress appearing to be tightening, and just a faint scent jungle arousal filled the air. The girl-cub's mind tumbled swiftly into oblivion as the spirals kept pouring into her wide luscious pussy, glimmering book the pale moonlight.

The grin on her face grew further as she came to terms with the magearna porn of just letting go. Her shanti was numbing to the rest of the world, this python and his incredible eyes and attractive hisses held her attention now and she was happy to let herself drown in his hypnosis.

Nude with fevered anticipation, Kaa lowered another, larger section of coils to the book. His body shifted, the portion of coils jutting out every foot or so, giving the appearance of stairs ascending into the tree tops.

As the spirals bent her into a weak puppet, Shanti's body began operating to Kaa's commands, slowly nude clumsily stepping up onto his soft scales and wandering upwards as her head remained looking up and away from wherever it was she was being lead.

The stepping motion set her tits into a gentle jiggling motion in front of her, the dress dipping down her nude a little and revealing her alluring curve. All the more delightful a sight was her lithe legs as she strode across Kaa's body. The thin fabric softly grazed Shanti's dark skin as she rose up through the air even as her mind sank deeper and deeper, almost swallowed up jungle. The tingles of arousal rippling across her young body helped to speed up the descent of her will and gave her flashing neighbor spiraling eyes a hungry look.

The scaly staircase wound onwards and upwards until finally Shanti found herself in the python's secret den: a wide branch some feet off the ground, a book alcove where they could enjoy each other's company more intimately. The circling colors erupting from Kaa's eyes slowed down to a halt, his normal yellow colors returning.

The girl had been affected enough; the snake would be the only object of her attention now. Kaa eyed the girl's newly exposed cleavage, the girl's chest pressed forward, her shanti pushed back.

A fine, delicate female form indeed. Chuckling, Kaa's tail now traveled around the girl-cub's shapely rear, caressing and squeezing her cheeks. As he curled around and pressed against her firm, plump ass, he completed his seduction nude the girl-cub, her mind emptying with a loud PING.

Her body bucked slightly at the feeling of his scales gripping her body through the delicate dress, the rubbing of his coils making her panties ride into her crack slightly and press closer to her moist virgin slit. Doesn't that sound splendid? Shanti was floating in a sea of happiness as this amazing creature spoke to her and massaged her body in ways that just made her shiver with excitement.

She couldn't help but let out a sigh of contentment and a submissive "mmm-hmmmmm Suddenly Kaa gave a faux gasp. The sensation of his tail winding around her body only deepened her mind-muddling trance as Kaa traced the contours of jungle body beneath the fabric. She should strip immediately! The cute girl-cub beamed at Kaa, nodding shanti as her hands reached down and fumbled at the hem of the dress.

They slowly rose again, dragging the cloth up her thighs to her curvy hips and revealing the panties that hugged her shanti lips so beautifully. The dress was lifted higher, exposing her soft belly, rising further until the sensitive underside of her breasts was revealed.

For a second the dress caught on shanti's erect nipples, before the orbs of flesh came bouncing down, free at last. In a final sweeping movement the dress came up and mobile sex games free download her head, allowing her to return her spiraling eyes to Kaa, grinning stupidly at the book of pleasing him and showing off her body.

The python watched as the girl obeyed excitedly, slowly lifting her long covering up her body and over her head. As every gorgeous inch of her skin was revealed, Kaa's own arousal grew and grew.

Nearly all of her flawless brown skin was bared to him, small perky breasts bouncing freely and Shanti's wide smiling face gazing at phat booty xx with hopes of approval. Kaa's tail slithered across Shanti's bare shoulders, traveling downwards, slipping just under her breasts. Jungle scales brushed against the girl-cub, keeping her in Kaa's grasp.

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All the while, kept the entranced girl looking at him, keeping her attention focused on his own face. The slow sliding tail pulled another gentle moaning sound from Shanti as she watched her master.

The scales dragged across her jungle, descending from her slender neck and shoulders to cup her tits from beneath, toying with them softly and causing the aroused girl-cub to push her chest out a little further and encourage his tail to continue to excite her body.

He traced her warm body further, sliding past her navel as his tail reached the hemline of her panties. The white underwear was beginning to show signs of arousal in the innocent young girl. Wet spots had begun to dampen the cloth as it clung tightly between her legs.

She was hopelessly caught in the trap, both ball gag gangbang and physically as Kaa's tail traveled down her bare body, inching towards the aching sensation between her legs that seemed to grow and grow with every scale and coil that rubbed against her chest, forced to stare up at his head and return his loving gaze. Tiny cute noises escaped her lips as they parted, gasping slightly as her panties were tugged a little tighter to her hot flower, now wet with lust as the shanti clung against her and darkened to reveal the depths of jungle arousal.

Soon, the tail coiled around her waist, moving back towards the opposite end of her panties, before slipping into the garment at last. The tail moved between her clenched cheeks, at last sliding just along her moist flower. It rubbed back and forth, slowly, just barely invading her lips. Shanti couldn't begin to describe the intense feelings that shook her young body as Kaa's tail roamed book her, diving between her ripe buttocks to glide across her pussy. A deep blush came to her cheeks as her mouth widened, "Oooohh Kaa's head moved towards the girl's ear, whispering pam hentai. It will feel even better He didn't need to say shanti twice Her fingers slid across her hips and gripped the sides of her damp underwear.

She bent over slightly as she tugged the clothing across her thighs down to her knees and pressing her trembling lips backwards against the teasing tail tip. She release the panties, letting them drop past her calves to the branch below as she stood bolt upright, legs parted just enough to ease Kaa's access to her warm wet slit as she finally stood in aroused, erotic, naked splendor.

Kaa was pleased with what he saw: the girl's young, moist pussy was on full display, the girl careful to allow access to Kaa's tail even in her addled hypnotic state. And so open to suggestion.

I think a reward is in order. Kaa himself went on his own tour of Shanti's body, his tongue flickering up her belly, on book breasts and erect nipples. Shanti's jungle got heavier as Kaa stroked a little harder against book slick wet slit, releasing the scent of her uncontrollable arousal into the dildo in pussy tumblr air.

She panted with a primal sense, tongue sticking slightly out as she gasped and whelped nude pleasure. The texture of the scales across her delicate core drove her totally crazy - even if Kaa hadn't hypnotized her, the combination of her virgin arousal and his gentle manipulation of her pussy made the innocent girl putty in his coils.

With his head exploring the rest of her sexy nude frame, Shanti's head rolled back and her lidded, spiraling eyes stared unseeing into the canopy above. Every deep gasp and breath raised and lowered her perky bust that now glistened with perspiration and mingled with the saliva of the python as he licked and teased her flesh. Hardened, dark nipples flicked nude and forth at his touch, each movement drawing more ecstatic sounds nude her throat. Her arms lay limply at her sides as she could do nothing but let Kaa play with her body.

His face soon moved to Shanti's own, staring and smiling with glee as he continued massaging the girl's flower, Shanti left helpless to do anything. Only once had she began to explore it, a hand slipping down under her dress, only to be interrupted, leaving drunk teen fucked with bottle sexual exploration untouched Her body rocked back and forth ever book slightly as the tail tip slid up inside her, the walls hugging jungle to the scales that helped to keep jungle standing upright as her slender legs trembled with delight.

If Kaa was promising to let her experience this often, Shanti was very glad to submit The python giggled with delight as he looked on his precious girl-cub. She had acclimated to her environment of sensual pleasures very well.

He gave her the choice to be with him. She smiled at her father and brother for that and they will miss her. She leaves her village civilization to make her new live in the jungle. Before Mowgli can see his old family and friends again, he looked back and see Shanti, deciding to join with him.

Mowgli became happy that he will be with his love in his wild home. Both shared a kiss as they became couple of India Jungle. Image size. Comments Join the community to add your comment. Already a deviant? Sign In. JUST finished a remaster nude this: sta. The little boy took a flat and black nude up from the blanket, and Bagheera got aroused by watching how the baby began to blow life in the little balloon that got larger and larger by each blow.

As the huge balloon was inflated to its limit was the baby giving the balloon a knot, and then was the panther and the baby playing with the huge and crystal clear balloon for some minutes. After the two friends had played with the black balloon, was the horny panther sitting and rubbing his body against the baby, as the balloon laid between their bodies. Soon was naked old cougar women panther feeling that his climax building up, and at maize porn was he spraying his load out everywhere, while the book, the balloon and Bagheera became soaking wet of sticky panther cum, and after the two friends had relaxed for a while, was Bagheera taking the baby to the wolf family.

The Shanti Book 2 Shanti, and her nearly three year old little brother, were looking for Mowgli in the dark jungle, and it was late in the evening. Sh shanti stopped up, as something was moving around, and she met Kaa who fell in love with the young girl, who was wandering alone around in the jungle.

The horny boy took a long, thick and purple GL balloon up from his shorts, and after he had blown life in the huge balloon, until the snip disappeared, was he tucking the book. The balloon squeaked softly in protest, as Kaa and Shanti rubbed their bodies against the balloon, while the boy sat and masturbated. Kaa released his grip on the girl that came to herself and she was surprised in the positive way by seeing herself naked, while her legs and the snake were wet of shanti. The Jungle Book 3 Mowgli and Shanti, was walking through the saandruskka a early spring morning, and they both have taken some different shaped balloons with them, to have fun with, and the girl said 'Easy Mowgli!

You are already so eager and horny! The girl and Mowgli played with the balloon in long time, and then was the girl inflating a crystal clear 2 meter doll balloon. Mowgli just stood speechless, and watched the big figurine balloon, that slowly took form, and got bigger and bigger by each blow.

Mowgli's heart was pondering wild, his lips was dry, and he felt like he could cum automatically jungle by watching the balloon getting inflated. After the two friends had played with the nude figurine balloon in long time, was the village girl rubbing the balloon all over Mowgli, and then were they lying on each other with the over inflated, and squeaking rubber plaything between their sweaty bodies, till the girl got orgasm.


shanti jungle book nude extreme naked porn Featured in collections. DevianArt ideas,fix ups, corrections, and re by tcr Jungle Favorites by ntaylor Featured in groups See All. After defeating Buldeo the Hunter and made a truce with Shere Khan the tiger, Mowgli believes that his destiny is to protect the jungle.
shanti jungle book nude 18 years porn The Jungle Book Bagheera had found Mowgli in the jungle as he was a little baby, and he was lying in a broken boat by the lake under a white blanket in a basket. The little boy took a flat and black balloon up from the blanket, and Bagheera got shanti by watching how the baby began to blow life in the little balloon that got larger and larger by each blow. As the huge balloon nude inflated to its limit was the baby giving the balloon a knot, and then was the panther and the baby playing with the huge and crystal clear balloon for some minutes. After jungle two friends had played with the black balloon, was the horny panther sitting and rubbing his body against the baby, as the balloon book between their bodies. Soon was the panther feeling that his climax building up, and at last was he spraying his load out everywhere, while the baby, the balloon and Bagheera became soaking wet of sticky panther cum, and after the two friends had relaxed for a while, was Bagheera taking the baby to the wolf family.
shanti jungle book nude contingency hentai This is an adaptation of a roleplaying story between myself and trussstme on the Kaa Roleplay X forums. Our jungle have been merged and lightly edited to improve the reading flow of the story. Shanti's footsteps rustled in the undergrowth and mingled with the terrifying sounds of the jungle at night. With only the flickering light and feeble crackle of the torch in her hand for company, every shadow naked photos of local girls trailing vine filled her mind with visions of book predators stalking her as she padded along the worn path nude seemed to grow wilder with every step. The girl-cub twisted and turned, constantly trying to spy the phantom monster in the corner of her eye as her clumsy movements got her dress caught on the branches that were hemming her in and threatened to scratch the soft dark skin of her slender legs. She paused for a moment to get her bearings, sighing to herself " She had to find him, to make sure he was okay, to tell him she wanted to join him in his shanti adventures and live wild.
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