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Share 25 3. Share 13 0. Share 3. Share 5 0. Share 8 0. Share 16 0. Share 18 0. Share 17 0. As if that wasn't enough, these Inklings can also turn into sperm-like sea creatures who swim and luxuriate in their own mess slutoon goo. They even have an in-game tournament called the Splatfest, which sounds more like a euphemism for teenage boys left slutoon alone.

This part of a Respawn Comic, by Deva and Haroldnails how we imagine the greenlight meeting went down for the original Splatoon :.

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Still don't believe me? The original Splatoon already had some Oozinator kind of vibes. But Splatoon 2 raised the bar. Right off the bat, in your introduction to Inkopolis the "center of Inkling culture"slutoon can go into a seedy back alleyway to access Splatoon 2's new co-op mode called Salmon Run.

When slutoon die during Salmon Run, you can only be brought back to life by asking a friend to generously ejaculate ink into your hole which, to be fair, is actually a buoy.


The thriving slutty Splatoon community online even has its own dedicated Discord server. I reached out to understand more and, as it turns out, my mind was deeper in the gutter than theirs.

Because while responses from members of slutoon community slutoon greatly in terms of their reasons for being attracted to human-squid hybrid creatures, no one really agreed that the game itself gave off a naughty vibe. Most attributed their curiosity to the good old fashioned Rule if it exists in the world, there slutoon be porn of it on the internet. One redditor flippantly dismissed my thesis, explaining simply: "I mean, it's girls that look kinda young, with tentacles.

On the other hand, another said, "I don't know about these other people, but for me it's not about age, it's about an aesthetic of cuteness. Same reason I like some furry art. It's cute and that really gets me going. Firstly, it's important to note that the enjoyment of anime or sex girls to with a dick to scream porn is not inherently wrong.

Or, at the very least, not more wrong than what society's deemed to be the norm for porn: namely activities such as bukakke, simulated violent rape, and brutal bondage.

There's also a precedent for this kind of stuff in Japanese culture. In Japan, the age of consent is Interestingly, Splatoon 's designers made a point to establish this as the exact age of the Inklings.

r/Slutoon (Reddit Gallery) - Scrolller

There's also the thriving popularity of manga, a slutoon of comic book that is known to include porn that often features sexualized young-looking girls. But we're not here to discuss the morality of these practices. The content might be smutty, but the interactions between members appear genuinely amicable. The thread comments are mostly characterized by wholesome cordiality, openness, and support.

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While everyone is attracted to different aspects of slutty Splatoon, many focus on the same core appeal: the slutoon, how much they love their personalities, and how that love makes them want to see said characters nekked. In fact, many of the people I talked to weren't even necessarily huge fans of Splatoon itself.

Spitfire, for slutoon, is known for being the single biggest fan of a character who doesn't even appear in either game. Existing only in a single image of the original game's soundtrack cover art, the pink-haired girl pictured below immediately drew Spitfire in.

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She even came up with a personality to go along with her beloved squid girl. Others shared this experience, looking to smutt s a way to expand upon Splatoon 's characters. One redditor explained that since "our main characters don't talk, slutoon are able to convey a lot of personality through smaller animations and their core gameplay and style.

Inklings are appealing in that we are able to project a personality onto [them]. Whether through clothing, weapons, or the playstyle you choose for them, Splatoon allows you to embed yourself into the game.


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slutoon what happened to you porn Hello, friends. I am here to a ruin your innocent, childlike entertainment and b reveal the truth about the secret sexuality of Nintendo's popular, "kid-friendly" game that recently released on Switch, Splatoon 2. To those with less perverse minds or — ahem — those less well-versed in Freudian symbolismslutoon might not have picked up on the undercurrent of sexuality embedded in Splatoon. Hear me out. This particular video game stars creatures known as Inklings, AKA squid-people with flopping, suctioning tentacles for hair.
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