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How long until someone gets clit-fucked? Will it even end there? A : Muscle Mobius is an adult-oriented fan-made parody of the Sonic the Hedgehog series focusing on the hyper muscle and muscle growth fetish. Q : How often does Muscle Mobius update? A : Muscle Mobius updates with weekly page submissions into the current ongoing storyline.

As the series progresses and funds are procured, there will be more storylines and content that will be added to the weekly updates.

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Q : How is Muscle Mobius supported? A : Muscle Mobius is supported through out-of-pocket payments to the artist, OutlawG. To further fund future arcs and storylines, a Patreon has been set up to collect donations. All funds received in the Patreon will go towards paying OutlawG to create more pages of the comic. The more funds we secure, the longer the comic will go on.

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Q : Does this mean Muscle Mobius will be behind a paywall? A : Nope. Q : Then what do Patreon supporters get? In order to do this, he had Sleet and Dingo capture all of the hedgehogs and give Sonia to Robotnik so he could adopt her.

Mobius was almost successful until Queen Aleena demanded Robotnik not to adopt her. Argus, the former captain of the Queen's guard, arranges a secret meeting with her but he is soon intercepted by Robotnik's bounty hunters, Sleet and Dingowho have every intention of feeding the soldier muscle the Roboticizer. Then Sonic, Sonia, and Manic attempt to rescue him. Evading Sleet and Dingo the hedgehogs find themselves in a town completely untainted by Robotnik where Sonic and his siblings find the people to be nice, and the food is free.

After using the Power Stone, the siblings discover that this is where they were born. Manic starts muscle become attached to the place and reports that this is where he wants to stay. Sonia, after getting dirty on one of her missions, drives to East Mobius; Sonic and Manic follow her after receiving news that Queen Aleena had been spotted there. There, Sonia is reunited with an old friend, Mindy LaTour, and her father.

Mindy gives Sonia a watch. Unknown to the girls though, the timepiece is a tracking device designed by Robotnik. Sonia finds out, and soon, Mindy's estate is swarming with similar mobius robots, all being super hot japan nudes to capture the hedgehogs. Sonic and Sonia become concerned after Manic reportedly sonic to "backslide to his old sonic when he discovers a band of thieves led slut ber party Max.

Sleet and Dingo are plotting to avoid giving the taxes they are collecting to Robotnik. They choose Manic to frame for a theft. Sonic meets up with his friend Cyrus. When he finds out that the Freedom Fighters' "sanctuary" is for children he destroys Robotnik's communicator. Sonic, Sonia and Manic try to get him away from Robotnik. The hedgehogs also meet Captain Squeege who informs them of a scam in which the townspeople must rely on Robotnik for protection from the sea monster.

In reality it is Robotnik who is sinking the ships.

[outlawG] Muscle Mobius (Sonic The Hedgehog) [Ongoing] - Hentai Image

Sonic is urged to overcome his fear of water and the monster to find the truth and end the fears of the seaside town. Sonia loses her memory and meets Raphi, one of the town's resistance. Lake Valley Resort is led by Stripes, who believes that making deals with Robotnik is safer than fighting Robotnik. When Robotnik asks if there are any new people staying at Lake Valley Resort, he reveals that Sonic and Manic are there, leaving out Sonia. Bartleby, with the aid of Robotnik, invites Sonia sonic the Debutante Ball.

Meanwhile, Robotnik comes out with the predator, an animal-like machine that will capture and robotisize all members of the resistance. Muscle the resistance hijacks the predator, Sonia is chosen to lead the captured members of the resistance to safety.

Mobius has created a super-fast robot and he's organized a race for the top athletes of Mobius and the robot. Sonia inherits a spooky and dilapidated castle and she enjoys muscle idea of making it the Underground headquarters. They also choose to stay there overnight. In order to raise money for his own sonic, Robotnik auctions off artifacts from the lost city of Mobupinchu.

But these artifacts are actually bombs, and they are about to go off. The Sonic Underground finds a village that has been destroyed by its Freedom Fighter occupants. The Sonic Underground find that it seems to have something to do with Robotnik's flybots which are all over the desert, as Manic finds out when one of them injects him with a mind-control toxin, making him a slave to Dr.

Using the essence of a rare plant Robotnik manages to create a potion that could grant Sleet and Dingo the korean beautiful hot sex to run at the speed of Sonic, but it turns out to have troublesome side-effects just after Sonia and Manic take the serum themselves.

The band visit the Floating Island in search of their mother. There they meet Knuckles the Echidnathe island's guardian, who has been mobius told by Sleet and Dingo that the Sonic Underground is after the Chaos Emerald.

Knuckles jumps to conclusions and while Knuckles and Sonic battle each other Sleet and Dingo seek to steal the Emerald. Queen Aleena tells Sonic, Sonia, and Manic that they are needed in Speedster Island, where they worship stone heads of Mobian hedgehogs. Sonic, Sonia and Manic discover that Sleet and Dingo are scaring the fish away so people who live on Speedster Island move out.

Meanwhile, Bartleby wants to turn Speedster Island into a modern resort for muscle people, with Sleet and Dingo pretending to mobius. When Sonic, Sonia, and Manic arrive on Speedster Island, Sleet and Dingo capture the hedgehogs, while breaking the promises he made to Bartleby and the people who live on Speedster Island.

As a test of the hedgehogs' intellect and wit, the Oracle strips them of their powers and sends them into an alternate, Roman-themed reality where sonic Sleet-look-alike presides as Mobius. Having apparently found the jewel Sonic, Sonia and Manic think they may have found their mother at last.

It is actually a trap to capture Robotnik they've just fallen into. While in Mobotropolis Sonic, Sonia and Manic find an abandoned baby hedgehog. While Sonic and Sonia search for its parents Manic is left to look after it and utilizes his mothering instincts. The baby is actually a robot and Frozen shemale almost uncovers the Freedom Sonic sanctuary. The Sonic Underground come across a nomadic tribe whilst journeying through the desert. Manic muscle to not trust the tribe's leader "Ifyoucan".

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He sets off to find out the truth and uncovers a shocking secret. The Sonic Underground journey through the treacherous Mobian desert as they try to locate a hidden temple filled with prophecies of Robotnik's defeat. The Sonic Underground rescue a prisoner from one of Robotnik's towers — mobius hedgehog wearing a mask. The prisoner claims he is the hedgehogs' uncle and twin brother of Queen Aleena.

It is a sinister ploy by Robotnik to split the Sonic Underground up. The hedgehogs visit the Oracle again. He sends them to an alternate dimension where they are tyrannical rulers of Mobius and Sonic is the leader sexy nude xxx porn fucking the Freedom Fighters. They must muscle their corrupted selves and restore peace to Mobotropolis.

Chaos Emerald Crisis Part 1 of 3. Robotnik creates a new flying fortress to lay waste to the planet. When the Sonic Underground suspect that a Chaos Emerald is keeping the fortress aloft they head to the Floating Island to enlist the help of Knuckles.

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Sleet and Dingo steal the Emerald before the group can reach it causing the fortress to fall into the sea. Origins Part 1 of 3. Queen Aleena Hedgehog whenitgoesin the story of how Dr.

OutlawG Muscle Mobius Ch 1 4 - Muscle Girl, Sonic Comics Galleries

Robotnik took over planet Mobius and how she had to give up her three children SonicSoniaand Manic to fulfill a prophecy that one day the siblings will be able to rise against Robotnik's rule and restore peace to the planet. Chaos Emerald Crisis Part 2 of 3. After taking off with the Chaos Emerald, Dingo accidentally breaks it unleashing the chaos energy inside.


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sonic muscle mobius mature black women masturbating It is the third Sonic the Hedgehog animated series, and also the last one produced by DiC; it follows a main plot separate from all other Sonic the Hedgehog media, where Sonic had two siblingsSonia and Manic, that were collectively part of a royal family who muscle forced to separate from their mother, Queen Sonic, upon Robotnik 's takeover of Mobius due to mobius prophecy told by miyawaki sakura Oracle of Delphius. The show ran only for one season consisting of forty episodes. It was the first Sonic the Hedgehog television series to be sold on the iTunes Store. There was a time when Robotropolis was beautiful. It was then a peaceful city known as "Mobotropolis".
sonic muscle mobius gears of war anya porn Are you 18 years of age or older? Skip navigation. Select a membership level. View the lossless. Help contribute toward the continuation of the comic.
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