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BlackGryph0n: I'll be Bastion. LittleJayneyCakes: Nerf Bastion! BlackGryph0n: You're right.

Here's the song:

So, Winston. LittleJayneyCakes: I wanna be Winston. BlackGryph0n: I guess I'll be Genji. LittleJayneyCakes: I'm already Genji. On October 14th,the IronicTikTok Twitter feed posted a TikTok duet by theasianthatyeet in which he throws an Overwatch game disc away juxtaposed next to a clip of TikTok user majaringsby dubbing the "No Mercy" song while cosplaying as the character D.

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Va shown below. Fuck you and fuck this game pic. Within two weeks, the tweet gained over 7, likes and 2, retweets.

The song found new life on Tik Tok

They have to purposely be fucking up now pic. Within the same timeframe, the video garnered upwards ofarab por and 3, comments.

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'I'm already Tracer' - this Overwatch song is taking over the internet - We The Unicorns

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tik Warhammer 4TiktoK: No Tracer I'm Already Tracer Uploaded by Budapest. I'm Already Tracer Uploaded by Don. But also, regardless of anything to do with that, it cannot be denied that the little snippet of the song that is used on Tik Tok is unbelievably annoying. You should be I'm not gonna be Tok. For more Tik Tok memes, check out our ultimate roundup of funny Tik Tok memes. Your privacy is important to us. We want to better help overwatch understand how and why we use your data.

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tik tok overwatch maisie williams sex photos BlackGryph0n: Maybe I'll be Tracer. LittleJayneyCakes: I'm already Tracer. BlackGryph0n: What about Widowmaker? LittleJayneyCakes: I'm already Widowmaker. BlackGryph0n: I'll be Bastion. LittleJayneyCakes: Nerf Bastion! BlackGryph0n: You're right.
tik tok overwatch big boobs sex gif It centres on two players who both refuse to play as Mercy, a healing character in Overwatch, and lose the round as a result. The song is performed by YouTubers and musicians Gabriel C. The song found a curious new home on the extremely popular and endlessly weird short video app Tik Tok. Videos from the app of people mainly girls mouthing along tok the song were then the subject of meme mockeries, which were themselves then put into YouTube compilations. It's just another example of the endlessly iterative nature of modern content. And to be honest, it's not hard to argue with this considering the meme seems to directly be about mocking girls for not appearing to know much about the game. But also, regardless of anything to do with that, it cannot be denied that the little snippet of tik song overwatch is used on Marvel hentai pic Tok is unbelievably annoying.
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