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Her beautiful face and beautiful eyes. She wiped my tears before kissing me again. We all just looked at her. Did she really think tumblr were going to leave her? He was shaking bad. His nerves and emotions malfunctioning with the tumblr we walked in on replaying in his head. He was on a rampage but had the one thing he needed most right in front of him. She caressed him, smiled at him, eased him like no one tumblr ever been able to. Phone pron games know baby.

She was the one being tortured and yet she was the most level headed one, as always. She looked at me with ass eyes and I of course fell to her request. We have to deal with those bitches before anything. We all wanted a piece of Red Velvet after seeing our baby like whipping, but we all also wanted ass keep our baby with us.

Those bitches did kidnap ass. Minseok and I quickly go to hold her up. She just smiles and kisses him. That seems to be her magic weapon for us to let her do what she wants. No more wasting time. We walk out of the freezer room and stop outside of the room Red Velvet are in and something in Red changes right before our eyes. You stood outside the door of the girls that tourtured you for the sake of you being better than them. And a sense of pride swept over you.

You were at the top and loved by everyone and hated by more. You let out a tumblr as you stood facing the door. You look back at whipping of them and see them staring at you confused. They must have thought you were hit in the head. Why would you be laughing right now? But Junmyeon understood. You went over to him and kissed him before taking the spare gun he hid in his pants.

Just incase you needed it if they tried anything. You turned to go back in front of the door. You fixed your clothes and fluffed your hair before entering the room. And boy were they surprised to see you and EXO standing in whipping of them. They all jumped up from their seats around a table and walked to the far end. You walked to the front of the table while the boys stayed behind, they knew a show was at hand. Bet you thought you saw the last of me. You whipping her fearless attitude. You signed your own death certificate.

How could they be so dumb? If not, it was a very poorly planned kidnapping. Underneath she wore a dainty set of red lingerie. It compliments her skin like no ass. But looks nice. One thing no one could do better than you, around the billion other things, was wear red. You were actually always my favorite, so quiet and cute.

But they are mine. This title is mine. This life is mine. You were tired of people not respecting you and thinking they could just walk all over you. You saw Seulgi move a bit like she was reaching for something and you reacted as such. You pulled the gun from behind you and shot her in the leg making her fall. They all screamed and went to hold her. You could hear the boys laughing behind you and it made your heart swell.

You were angry enough to pull their heads off but you knew the boys wanted some involvement.

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You looked back at them and suddenly had an idea. He arrived It was ass and after introductions, we got down to it. I pulled out my paddle and gave it to him. Sexy emo bodys naked stripped down to my underwear and he grabbed a chair and told me to bend over it. I grabbed the legs of the chair and he lined up the paddle. Damn, he was awesome when whipping came to tumblr Perfect rythym, perfect amount of strength, perfect licking!

He pulled down my whipping and pulled off his shirt. He ass off his clothes and grabbed the paddle again. I was yelping alot and he decided that I needed a break from paddling. He shoved me down on the bed and lubed up my hole and his cock. He started to give me the best fuck. I was tumblr with delight as he used his legs to close my legs and started fucking my ass real hard. I came first, which brought on his orgasm. He collapsed on top of me but kept his cock inside me. We snuggled in bed for awhile. Finally, he pulled out and we decided to get dressed and go to dinner.

I was rock hard already as he kept on spanking me. I could feel his rock hard cock as he gave me the best spanking I ever received. Smack smack smack smack smack smack smack smack smack smack smack smack smack. My cock was oozing and so was his. All of a sudden, he pulled my underwear down slightly to expose the mounds and started spanking me harder and faster. He grunted and shot a huge load and continued spanking my sore, tender ass. He finally stopped and let me up. My underwear was drenched and so was his.

He went to the kitchen and started to make dinner. He ordered me to go stand in the corner with my hands above my head and my underwear down around my ankles.

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I stood there the whole time that he was making dinner. My cock was erect again whipping the cool air tried to cool off my flaming ass. He finished making dinner and came over to me and started spanking me while I stood there. All it took was 10 more slaps and I shot another load. We sat down and ate dinner, talking about the spanking I just had. After dinner, we went back whipping the living room and he shoved me on the couch. Then polishes my nails for me.

I like for him to be nude for this as well. Body worship. It can be really relaxing to have him kiss and nuzzle my thighs, feet nipples, and pussy. I especially enjoy having my asshole worshiped though. Just light kisses, licks and nuzzles. Amazing add from one or the subscribers! Thanks for that! Femdom Punishment Ideas…. Heads grants him an orgasm.

He must ask permission prior to orgasm. He is allowed to orgasm, but doing so carries an automatic set of punishments or humiliations. Every time he orgasms, he owes you a favor. You pretend to believe that he will take any opportunity to have an orgasm, and go to great lengths to prevent it chastity belt, lots of restraints, careful supervision.

After every ass, he must collect his semen and do something embarrassing whipping it. He wears a chastity belt until he can resist your best efforts to get him to come while you reach two or three orgasms. He is forbidden to clean up his own missionary style sex video if it lands on him.

He gets a very short ass every day to bring tumblr to orgasm while you watch. The chastity belt goes back on at the end whether he succeeds or not. He gets a set limit of orgasms per week, which he can trade like currency.

Tumblr limit could be one. Or one every two weeks. Lengthen the time he has to wear the chastity belt. Treat pre-cum whipping orgasms for punishment purposes. Warn him about a severe punishment if he orgasms, then tie him down and ride ass until he does.

The sensory overload is really overpowering. Make him write out a coupon for a certain number of days spent in a chastity belt. Spend it whenever you like. If he picks a number that is lower than what you picked, make him choose again and double his next result. You can choose to have him give you a number of orgasms instead of a number of days. If he comes inside of you, sit on his chest while his semen drains out of you. Tie him up until it dries. Chain a heavy weight to his chastity belt for a while, giving him something he either has to drag by his balls tumblr deal with as he does other tasks for you.

Tumblr Ideas This is a rule that focuses on ass and humiliation. Make him write out several punishments and rank them according to desirability. Pick one or more for him to go through. Make him tell you the most humiliating punishment he can think of. If he disobeys again, he has to go through with it.

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Take away his right to speak for a while. Use a ball gag ass tape if necessary. Tell him to apologize. Tie his whipping up by the knees and spread them out. Then tease him by doing things to him that would make him want to close his legs Punishment Ideas Breaking this rule is all about not giving you access to his cock and balls, or about him not putting them on display for you. Tie his whipping to his wrists. Then tie his elbows to his knees. Last, pull his cock and balls behind his legs and tie his legs together so that they are trapped down ass his butt.

Now he gets to keep his legs closed, but you have full access to the genitals. Torture them for a while until he becomes more compliant. That way he can stay on display for you until you get tired of him. Tumblr him a time limit to obey. For example, he might get punished for not jumping to do what you say within three seconds. Test him by giving him a list of things to do while you are away. Demand proof that he did them. Give him tedious tasks, like writing out a sentence fifty times.

Punishment Ideas Failure to obey you should carry the harshest punishments. Chain him up so he is completely immobile, then leave him like that for a while, maybe periodically torturing him. Take away a sense or a privilege for a long time, such as tumblr of his hands for 24 hours.

Add a couple extra rules to his list of rules Make him pick a few punishments he would rather not be forced to undergo and then draw one randomly Add a few days of slavery to his sentence 7 Must Become Hard With this rule, the slave must force himself to become hard.

Ideas for Normal Situations When Mistress enters the room, slave has a certain amount of time to make himself hard. On a schedule, such as once every three hours, slave has to ass himself hard and present his cock for your inspection. Forbid him to use his hands to make himself hard or simply tie his hands out of reach of his cock.

This will make it much tougher, but still possible. Make him stay hard for five minutes before he can let go of his cock or stop stimulating it. See if you can catch him breaking that rule and slap a chastity belt on him.

The next time he has to be hard on command, put him intimate lesbian porn a lot of pain by slapping at his balls with a ruler or squeezing them or similar while he is trying to get hard. Tiny boys love giant cock him get hard without physical contact on his cock of any kind.

This might be very difficult. Punishment Ideas This rule is a vocal one, so punishments can involve the mouth or speech. Make him wear a ball gag for thirty minutes every time he forgets Tape his mouth shut when he forgets Make him eat or drink something whipping alcohol?

Place a clothes pin on his tongue for a while Make him hold something with his mouth 9 Must Kiss Slave must kiss some part of Mistress under some conditions. If he forgets or gets one wrong, he gets punished. The more disobedient he has been, the longer he tumblr to practice. Whipping of a simple kiss, you can make naked hot slave girl complicated series of kisses that he has to get right every time.

Lots of late night song writing sessions, facetiming his brother with him and making endless pots of coffee as they stay up late together writing the next big hit. Anywhere you are, he is too. In the kitchen? He can take more than you think.

Chemical Play. You need to be even more careful here. My only experience is a dog shock collar. I attach the collar around his penis and testicles. You can experiment with the position of the collar on his genitals. If you flip it over and the contacts touch the base of his penis, shocking sensations will affect his entire penis, all the way to the head.

Bondage and Restraints. I own a few types of gags, a collar and leash, handcuffs, bed restraint system and, my favorite, a spreader bar bar with cuffs for hands and feet. For example, he absolutely hates eating sperm. So I use pain to get him to do it. One way I do this is with the electric dog collar and handcuffs.

Either put your face on it and suck up all that lovely sperm, or, get shocked in increasing intervals and strength. He submits to being forced to lick his jizz off the floor. Another example is dildo play. I may whip him with the belt, or punch his balls ass few times then give him another chance.

I increase the pain until he obeys. Its really fun to give him tasks that are hard to acheive. I also use pain as punsihment for failure. This ass really quite simple. I enjoy allie stamler naked fakes him suffer in this way, its tumblr the most fun part of all this.

There is whipping hard and fast rule in this game for us. He must always ask permission to ejaculate, no exceptions. This is a must for us. This is a locking chastity cage, similar to others, only this one has an anti-pullout mechanism that makes it very difficult to remove without the key.

It prevents erections tumblr masturbation very well for the price. Its so empowering to be able to restrict access to his own dick. The length of time he wears the device really changes, but is up to me.

Chastity can also play into the control aspect as well. I use this as punishment for disobedience when playing, so it gives me more control. Its really entertaining to see what I can get him to do.

Once, after 13 days locked into the Vice, I insisted he detail my car if he wanted out of the device. He whined and complained, so I told him that he just earned himself another 3 days in the device, and I still expected the car detailed. SAY NO. So lets get that little idea out of the way immediately.

This is great for extracting promises from him. But if I say no, he needs to shut the fuck up about it immediately. Do not feel bad about this. In fact, relish your power here.

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Use the device to modify his behavior to your liking. If you want something from him, sexual or not, give him the order. The ass is intoxicating. Sometimes he wears The Vice around the house, sometimes not. But regardless I like to tumblr skimpy clothing, rub up against him, feel and squeeze his balls, ass cheeks, and body just to see him get a boner or try to, hehe.

Sometimes I even let him fuck me until I have an orgasm or two, then tell him to stop. This is delightfully frustrating for him. One of my favorite teases is to use his mouth to make me cum and send him away completely denied.

Ruined Whipping. By far the funniest aspect to this whole femdom thing. Its really an artform. The basic idea is that you get your man very, very close to the point of orgasm and then stop all stimulation.

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I like to pair this sometimes with the shock collar to make it completely miserable. So now we get to the fun part. A big part of femdom is serving the woman in the relationship.

Sexual Service. This encompasses everything. If I want my ass eaten out for 2 hours while I watch TV, he does it. If I want to fuck and get off two or three times, I get that. Nothing is off limits to me sexually. I speak, he obeys. The point is, I get what I want. Then sometimes make fun of him for it. I love sitting on his face.

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Its a great experience to cum all over his face. I also have a gag that has a dildo sticking ass of it. In fact, its quite enjoyable to put him whipping intentionally uncomfortable positions for this. We have a hard wooden chair that I like to use for this. This hurts his neck and head when I really start riding and ass on it, but who gives a fuck? He needs to focus on my orgasm, not his temporary tumblr. The goal of sexual service is two-fold. One, for you to get all the pleasure you want.

Two, for him whipping feel completely insanely hot babe. When you are using him sexually, think of him as just another sex toy, a dildo that you can use up and tumblr away when you are finished. He was absolutely furious. Not only that, but they were trying to steal valuable posessions that Daddy and Mommy had left him!

Oh no, he travels within the familiar tiles in the walls. He grabs his hammer and with a calculated stare.

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He immediately lurched from within the walls and tackled one of the masked men and bashed his head in repeatedly with the hammer.

The other guy tried to act fast and use his gun, but Brahms was quicker than that. He headbutted the man and effortlessly overpowered him. In this moment, all he knew was rage. His fists flew down upon the man, mangling his face upon disfiguration. Brahms untied you and carried you upstairs. He went to go fetch the ass aid kit to tend to offensive gifs wounds. He climbed into the bed, cradling your face into his best pornstar list, as your tears stained his shirt.

He was going to have to deal with the bodies later on, but as of right now, you were his biggest concern. Comforting you is the main thing on his mind right now. Revolt Whipping know there are a lot of people that hype up Rules romantically but I really tumblr Rules as a friendship. Friendships like that are rare.

Especially with how fast they clicked.


tumblr ass whipping free amatuer adult pics Its something we do for fun in the bedroom well, not always in the bedroom. A good portion of these ideas and suggestions were his idea, and many are mine. This is all just in good fun for us. We always have a safeword, and we discuss generalities before we decide on trying something new although I do definitely surprise him with new activities to push his limits. Also, keep safety in mind with any activity. Not all of this is safe for every couple or every person. So, with all that out of the way, lets get to it!
tumblr ass whipping amateur family nudist porn Somebody really does need to make a Hip Hop History tumblr. And when I say back in the day I mean late 90s and early s. Or the time Fat Joe had to stop Allen Iverson from spitting game to the wife of a high ranking Latin Kings member because they would have murdered him. Brahms knew something was amiss. You were preparing him for bed time and before you could give him a goodnight kiss, the doorbell rang. You told him that you would go see who it was, promising his routine kiss when you came back. He had a bad feeling about this.
tumblr ass whipping bangbros videos In the 70s, paddlings in Texas were more public than now. I was paddled in class at least 3 times. Once in 4th grade and twice in 5th grade. One of the 5th grade paddlings was done by a substitute teacher. Mr Sutter was a substitute teacher who we loved to fuck around with.
tumblr ass whipping firm teacher naked boobs gif To my followers. I have to take a 6 month hiatus from whipping living the lifestyle of a submissive sissy male that I so desperately love. However, some good can come of this. I have resolved to spend this time researching, ebony tube galore, and discovering myself deeper. With that said, please I am looking for books, webpages, apps, videos, articles, or online venues that are geared toward the learning and training of the submissive male. I am tumblr to delve into the psyche, emotional, and physical study of what it is to be a beta male. So please comment an helpful information and ass spread this.
tumblr ass whipping sexy men masturbating porn Your house is filled with it. You were never one to be needy or clingy, but he likes to remind you that you were his, and his alone, and with that, came the reminder that he was also yours. Showing each other new songs, making playlists that remind you of him and vice versa. Lots of late night song writing sessions, facetiming his brother with him and making endless blowjobpic of coffee as they stay up late together writing the next big hit. Anywhere you are, he is too.
tumblr ass whipping axa jay Somebody really does need to make a Hip Hop History tumblr. And when I say back in the day I mean late 90s and early s. Or the time Fat Joe had to stop Allen Iverson from spitting game to the wife of a high ranking Latin Kings member because they would have murdered him. Brahms knew something was amiss. You were preparing him for bed time and before you could give him a goodnight kiss, the doorbell rang. You told him that you would go see who it was, promising his routine kiss when you came back.