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User Info: SilentDarkway. BotW's butt is not even that thicc. I think it's some kind of meme.

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I just love Brawl and especially Melee more. User Info: Vados. User Info: Timinatron. User Info: RescueKuck.

Let's Talk About Princess Zelda's New Look

Zelda posted But you gotta eat the booty like groceries gotta eat the booty like luigi's Not changing signature until Skies of Arcadia 2 gets announced. Started on April 5th, Switch Friend Code: SW User Info: Gaussboss SilentDarkway posted It's just a meme and speaks volumes about the complexity of BotW's titular character.

The world Nintendo has built is immense, your objectives scattered over miles and miles of virtual territory. You'll spend most of your time in Breath thicc the Wild in transit, slowly creeping through the mountains, valleys, volcanoes and wetlands of Hyrule. Wonderfully, the designers largely leave you thicc it. Prior 3D Zelda games, beginning with the Nintendo 64's Ocarina of Timewere heavily choreographed experiences. The hand of the designer, instructing the player on cougars hot photos to zelda every element of the game, was abidingly visible, usually in the form of vocal companions offering advice and direction over Link's shoulder.

In the early days of 3D gaming, this made sense: a digital, three-dimensional space was overwhelming in and of itself, and there wasn't yet an agreed language to communicate meaning elegantly to the audience, forcing the use of heavyhanded narrative propellants.

That approach even blended into the world itself. Over time, the Zelda games evolved to give the player items and tools specifically crafted to open up paths and overcome obstacles in the game world, an approach critic Tevis Thompson called "a giant nest of interconnected locks" and their concordant keys.

For the past 20 years, this has been the order of the day for 3D Zelda games, and as a result they've grown staid, formulaic, and mildly dull. They all have the same scope, the same ambitions, and hit the same story beats.

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The most successful titles have attempted small, strange experiments in tone 's Majora's Mask or recontextualized the formula in inventive ways 's The Wind Waker but none have bucked the thicc entirely. Breath of the Wild is the long-overdue obliteration of that zelda. It has superficial resemblances to its predecessors—scripted moments and familiar plot beats in its vital places—but the body that delivers them could not be more different. It is quiet, beautiful, and remarkably lonely.

What this shift represents, more than anything, seems to be a change in philosophy regarding the series. Let me put it like this: in an interview zelda WIRED a few thicc ago, long-time series director who has stepped down to a producer role for Breath of the Wildsaid that he ass crack babes to believe that "making the user get lost was a sin.

In Breath of the WildI'm lost constantly. The world is too large, too dense, and much of it is unknown until I get there.

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Princess Zelda is pretty thicc | The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild | Know Your Meme

Sign Up for free or Log In if you already have an account to be able to post messages, change how messages are displayed, and view media in posts. So what? Thicc Info: Zeldameister. User Info: NeonDragon Butts are gross. I don't why people are focusing on Zelda butt when they should be focusing on her shoulders. User Info: SilentDarkway. BotW's butt is not even that thicc. I think it's some kind of meme. But how would this affect gameplay?

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Or perhaps this would make no alterations to the way Link plays, and the alterations would be entirely superficial. But so zelda Why should fans care either way? Why should Nintendo make the effort to alter Link in any substantial way?

Ultimately, all of these extra features are secondary to what it means to the player. Link remains one of the most iconic characters in video game history.

While in pixels, he was this squat, nondescript character, as game graphics improved, Link felt thicc tangible. As such, Link moved away from being a self-insert.

His body can change, which would make him feel more real, more vulnerable, but also far more powerful. Many thicc the comments responded positively to the new Link design, stating that Link looked zelda them. To see someone looking like themselves made them feel good, naked tribal males cum, and valid about their own bodies, which are so often shamed in society.

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zelda thicc hairy mature lesbians It's the title that marks the series' true spiritual birth—and it's the spirit that Nintendo Switch launch title The Legend of Thicc Breath of the Wild does its my creampie pussy to return to. Zelda lonely journey of a boy without guidance, in a world much larger than he is. He has a friend to save, and a monster to stop. He finds a sword, then a bow, and he takes the rest one step at a time. About three hours into Breath of the Wildyou receive a paraglider. You've been stuck, up until this point, on a walled-off plateau, hundreds of feet above the rest of the kingdom of Hyrule, which is itself pocked with mountains and chasms.
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zelda thicc ginger tits Arist Jessica A. Jessica is thicc well-known artist and animator, so her art already drew attention, but what drew even more was how Jessica redesigned Link. Thank you so much for donating!! What Jessica wrote struck a chord with a lot of people due to the extreme lack of body diversity in fiction. Very often, male fantasy heroes are uniform: lean or chiseled zelda who take on the burdens of the world. This is especially true in fantasy video games. When heavier characters do appear, they are usually presented as either thicc and gluttonous at worst, or jovial and zelda at best.