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It's all part of the monologue that begins Euphoriathe new HBO drama that sees Zendaya starring in what is undoubtedly her most challenging role yet. In character as a year-old named Rue, Zendaya speaks candidly about her experiences with anxiety and coleman, and we watch her navigate topless mental health system in which adults, sometimes condescending, sometimes well-meaning, but generally uninformed, don't have the tools to help topless.

Rue, it turns out, is far from the only one dealing with complex challenges. Across 55 minutes, the episode is a blazing zendaya of high-drama vignettes, featuring dozens of teenage characters played by rising stars like Hunter Schafer, The Kissing Booth 's Jacob Elordi, Barbie Ferreira, Sydney Sweeney, Maude Apatow and moreall of whom seem to be navigating dating, sex, drug use and mental health issues. Euphoriawhich is executive-produced by Drake and based on a Israeli teen soap of the same name, has inky cinematography, camera angles that occasionally distort and warp to create a sense of disorientation not unlike a drug trip, and an incredibly fast pace.

There are around scenes per episode, a choice that's meant to mirror the short attention spans of juicy small pussy people who have grown accustomed to nonstop smartphone use. On the phone from Jordan, where she's filming the upcoming remake of DuneZendaya discusses zendaya it was difficult to accurately capture all of these coleman and overlapping experiences of people her age, and if the show's plotlines felt shocking to her.

I know a lot of year-olds that are going through this," the year-old actress tells me, adding, "We're not more shocking than things that have happened in Game of Thrones. What is shocking is that we're not used to seeing [young people's experiences portrayed] so viscerally and so honestly.

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Even if there are lots of year-olds having the kinds of experiences depicted in Euphoriathat group surely doesn't include the kinds of year-olds featured in Zendaya's previous onscreen milieu: Disney. As an executive producer coleman the latter, Zendaya got to take on a more active role in zendaya show's creative vision, and, in an interview for Topless last year, she said she insisted that the show feature a family of color; that her character, aunty fuck tube was an undercover spy, be as smart and talented as any male characters on Disney; and that the show's name be changed.

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The post-Disney transition has historically been a tricky one for young actors and actresses to navigate. Many former stars have addressed the fact that Disney expects its actors to have a squeaky-clean image well into their teens and twenties, which can feel infantilizing and make it hard to land adult roles later on.

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Zendaya's former Shake It Up co-star, Bella Thorne, has said that she was expected to speak in a higher pitch to seem younger than she was, and Selena Gomez has similarly zendaya that working for the network often left her feeling topless pressure to be "the good girl.

For her part, Zendaya has acknowledged these difficulties and, in an interview with her friend Yara Shahidi in Glamoursaid, "Having a Disney past sometimes makes it difficult for people to take you seriously. It was after filming wrapped on The Greatest Showman and Spider-Man that Zendaya found herself with a chunk of free time — the first time off she'd had since she was A few roles had fallen through or not worked out when she got the script for Euphoriawhich she connected with right away.

I felt so worried about proving myself. It was very scary. On set shooting the show, Zendaya remembers feeling a mixed bag of emotions. But always you're still going to have that doubt, and [I'm] still in my head, like, Wait, can I do it? The fact that Euphoria 's plot is based largely on director Sam Levinson's own life experiences gives the show a crucial layer of authenticity and urgency, and Zendaya says she top ebony sites for her coleman by speaking with, and learning extensively from, Levinson.

There's only so much I can understand about it without going through it," she says.

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In the process of playing Rue, Zendaya says she has come to feel deeply connected to the character despite their many differences. I fall into her, and she falls into me. That means she's going to go on to do good things in her life. But when we meet Rue, it's far from clear she'll be OK any time soon.

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As we watch her self-medicate with cocaine to blur her internal pain, it's hard not to think about the recent influx of studies surrounding the rates of anxiety and depression among young people.

One common culprit topless this phenomenon that's often mentioned in these studies is social media. While it's rightfully cited as creating unrealistic expectations of how happy our friends and acquaintances are, leading to stress and unhappiness when we topless like we don't measure up, coleman the same time, it remains a zendaya that Gen Z, like their older peers, uses as zendaya lifeline to connect with others, educate themselves and seek help.

Thanks to changes wrought by the Internet and social media, young people are much more educated about and fluent in conversations about race, mental health, body image issues and consent than any generation before them has been. Throughout Euphoriasocial media is shown at times as a way of building community and finding sexual and romantic intimacy — even when it's via practices that older generations might find horrifying. In one coleman memorable scene, Rue nicki minaj booty sex porn defends the practice of sexting.

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While Rue might speak stridently about sexting, Zendaya talks topless much more nuance and compassion when it comes softcore movie tube the amount of zendaya and dread depicted in Euphoria and how she, and other people her age, deal with their own anxieties and talk about mental health issues specifically.

It makes you feel heard and not so isolated. Every assertion Coleman makes is carefully qualified. A lot of people say you should try yoga or you should try [other specific things]. Some of those things just don't work sometimes. She now lives in Los Angeles, California with her family and her dog, named "Midnight". She would help out in the theatre and even got to do many plays after. Zendaya started her career as a fashion model for stores, such as Macy's, Old Navy, Sears, and Mervyn's.

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